24/7 Support: Is It a Must-have Feature of a Crypto Exchange?

There is a tendency for individuals to become very frustrated on a virtual platform which engages in financial activities. Therefore, it is vital to have a good response for the users.

The world is transforming totally into a virtual ecosystem and there is an urgent need to evolve in every form of activity in it. 

However, this evolution cannot happen without education and knowledge. Both of them, you can acquire through studying and guidance. 

So, if you ever want anything that you believe in to grow, it’s very important to share knowledge and support

What is customer support?

Customer support is a culmination of services rendered to customers in order to assist in mitigating cost-effectiveness and the correct use of products and services. 

It includes the following but is not limited to assistance in planning, installation, training, maintenance, troubleshooting, upgrading, and the disposal of a product when necessary.

What were customer support services in the past?

Customer support is an integral part of any business, as this was usually a department carved out to help mitigate the challenges faced by users of the product or service.

In the past, customer support was responsible for communicating the solutions to customers’ problems. 

These usually involved the recruitment of staff who would be trained to understand the product that was being sold and would be on standby to give response to users as at when due.

What are the customer support services today?

The internet has totally transformed the way businesses are run on a global scale. 

It would not be cost-efficient for any company that wants to compete on a global scale to hire staff in every nation of the world to manage customer challenges.

Consequently,  in order for any business to achieve considerable growth and succeed there is the need to transform how customer challenges are managed by the use of smart technological methods of executing customer support service. 

No matter if the companies are in the telecoms or information technology, food and beverage industry, crypto and blockchain technology industry. 

These large corporations need customer support to help manage the requirements of their customers when it comes to challenges. 

Why the need for customer support in crypto exchange?

The creation of crypto exchanges in the past few years has led to a large number of new users, which has also come with its advantages and disadvantages in the form of challenges.

The technology to manage the influx of new users on crypto exchanges requires an in-depth analysis to tackle associated challenges that may arise in the course of the services rendered. 

Take the conspicuous 2017 bull run for crypto markets: 

There were so many system crashes that were associated with the crypto exchange that this led to users becoming frustrated as most of them wanted instant access to customer support but were unable to reach anyone. 

It generated a necessity for the deployment of an automated system in order to handle customer requests. 

However, these crypto exchanges implemented the use of self-support automation to provide their support structures with online libraries, tools, and troubleshooting solutions that can diagnose and resolve problems and incidents automatically and precisely.  

Consequently, this has helped to reduce the influx of customer complaints as the associated challenges were now answered in an automated manner to reduce the number of tickets that are generated on a daily basis. 

Needless to say, customer satisfaction is a key factor in any business and every crypto exchange is presently striving to achieve this feat by delivering the user experience of the customer support representatives.

Hence the need to have a 24/7 support system to deliver the required response for users’ challenges from the crypto exchange.

How do exchanges respond to customer requests?

In recent times, most exchanges have deployed automated customer response applications with the use of set algorithms that can tackle basic customer complaints.

Where there are more complex challenges, such customers are asked to raise tickets which are acted upon by actual customer service representatives for resolution.  

There is the perception that cryptocurrencies are complicated and difficult to use by new users, however, with a good customer service support system, users can get first-hand experience that can make crypto look entirely different and simple.

Possible challenges faced by users in a crypto exchange

There are several challenges faced by users in the crypto exchanges that must be tackled by the customer services to ensure the users have a seamless experience in quality service response. 

These are mostly surrounded around the users’ network, transaction fees, and the possibility of a slow internet connection which usually times out the transaction of the user.  

It is pertinent to note that users should always ensure they follow simple instructions outlined in the automated systems to help them resolve their basic challenges.

The Klever team takes pride in our excellent customer service support that is available 24/7/365 for our dear users, as we ensure every ticket raised in times of difficulty is treated with top priority with a goal to resolve it.

With those solutions, we truly hope that eventually, this will leave a smile on the faces of our customers in a Klever way.

It is indeed a Klever thing to do

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