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5 major reasons that make Klever Exchange unique in the market

There are a lot of them, but we highlighted the five most relevant to make your decision when it comes to trading.

Previously, we talked about the major potential KleverChain has over the “big players in town”. 

The company’s very own Blockchain has what it takes to become one of the fastest and safest blockchains in the market, providing the users a great deal of harmony between the Klever products and independence of the network itself. 

Meanwhile, while KleverChain is being prepared as a solid foundation under our feet, there are already many very good products that are at the center of the Klever Ecosystem.

The Klever Exchange is one of those products. It reflects the company’s wish to promote user-friendly systems to achieve financial freedom worldwide. 

Klever Exchange is easy to use, easy on the eyes, and powerful in the hands.

So, let’s take it back a little and remind ourselves why Klever Exchange is so unique and special to our Ecosystem. 

Klever Exchange’s first concepts say a lot about its uniqueness

Klever’s goal as a company has always been to make cryptocurrency simpler, more adaptable, and closer to people’s hands and hearts.

According to Klever’s Lead Designer, Fabio Freire, it is more than the speculative crypto market, it’s about ordinary people who just want to protect their money and have full control over their finances.

Fabio says:

“I have been at Klever since its inception and I have been closely following the requests of our users, their questions to our support team, the interactions on Twitter… and it is notable that a large part of people in Klever is now starting their journey in the world of cryptocurrency”. 

Freire adds that many people come from places where there is no culture of investing in stocks or other businesses – which if they did, might have added to the knowledge base of users related to the general crypto exchange journey. 

However, even when most people and users are in this range, relatively new to trading, they still try to find their way throughout the crypto landscape.

That’s why creating a new exchange from scratch that would relate to this reality was a big challenge. 

Over that period of time, the team has followed the listing of KLV on over a dozen global crypto exchanges in the market and they were amazed by how they looked and felt very similar.

Besides that, they all gave some people, like Fabio, a feeling of complexity when using them.

And we already know that it is in Klever’s nature as a company and development house to evolve and to further impact the lives of the users and offer new possibilities. 

And not only for them. But for all users who are now entering the cryptocurrency market and who are still not comfortable with the experience for the most part of exchanges on the market.

With Klever Exchange, the goal was to build an exchange that was simpler to use and easier to access. 

First of all, the Klever wallet is already highly praised for its simplicity, and even though it is one of the most complete wallets on the market, all features are easy to reach for users, with flows that allow them to perform their tasks safely and confidently. 

This is what the company wanted in the exchange as well.

Future Markets? Margins? Leverage? 

Some trade models are extremely dangerous, even for professionals and experienced traders. 

That’s why Klever removed complex options and instead offered simplified access to the most common and widely used exchange tools, without noise and complexity.

Marlon Gomes, Head of Software Development and Co-Founder at Klever, said that the company started to utilize the technologies they developed and the knowledge that they had accumulated from countless years working with Software Architecture to build a product with high availability and an amazing user experience that would attend all users from “Zero to Hero” in cryptocurrencies.

Therefore, the idea of the Klever Exchange trading experience is simple:

Enable users to create Buy and Sell orders at Market Prices for immediate execution.

To place Buy and Sell using Limit Orders at pre-established prices ​​by carrying out transactions according to users’ own needs and expectations.

It took years of research, testing, and development to arrive at the ideal model.

Klever Exchange ought to be a second step for the users of the wallet, and it is the best and simplest choice for most people who are either new to crypto or yet to enter the crypto market.

For all of that to happen, Klever Exchange was built to have performance and unmatched speed that are able to take down any other competitor in the market, and a first-class 24/7 global support operation there to attend to the users.

And those aspects became the keys to what has made KleverEx unique. 

1. Klever Exchange has a top-tier security

Klever Exchange uses an innovative and proprietary security software architecture the team has been perfecting for years through work in the crypto wallet field and banking sector, making the exchange wallet system extremely secure, based on the latest encryption methodologies available.

The Klever team was focused on providing the simplest, fastest, and most secure exchange platform built on the top of the Klever OS SDK (Software Development Kit) through their Software Security Module (SSM).

This in-house built technology functions as an “HSM” but through Klever innovation, the team has made it software-based. 

HSM is a Hardware Security Module used by most banks and financial services throughout the world and the Klever team has decades of experience in both banking and blockchain technology, being able to merge the two approaches through novel thinking and engineering to make it software-based instead.

It may seem complicated, I know. 

But, to simplify, Klever has built an autonomous and robust security mechanism that uses the company’s own independent banking component to communicate with their own software-based HSM.

Since all components of the security architecture can communicate with one another, but not give commands to or affect the other components’ actions, this makes the entire system virtually bulletproof against malicious actors or hackers and introduces a new era of wallet security for the crypto exchange industry.

2. Klever Exchange has the fastest engine for transactions 

Klever Exchange trading engine is built in an innovative way that enables it to handle over 3 million transactions per second, per order book.

To compare with the current industry standard, most exchanges are able to process up to 1 million transactions per second at most. 

Klever Exchange is able to achieve more than three times this speed by having each trading market and order book act fully autonomous from one another.

Ok, but then you ask ‘how is it possible?’

This is possible because of the Autonomous Orderbook system. 

Its instances follow an event-driven architecture coupled with a matching algorithm based on binary trees, allowing Klever Exchange to receive and process each order in a much faster way than current crypto exchanges.

This means that in KleverEx each key pair, for instance, KLV/BTC, is orchestrated by an autonomous order book. 

That being said, the ability to process 3 million transactions per second is not actually related to the Klever Exchange as a whole, but to each key pair. Or in other words, each order book can process 3 million transactions per second.

And now you ask “but why do I need this kind of speed?”

This upgrade in speed is very useful for Klever Exchange users, especially during high volatility, when many exchanges today stop functioning and traders are not able to execute their orders or take advantage of the high volatility.

This trading engine architecture also ensures that if one market or keypair for some reason temporarily goes down, it does not affect any other market or order book. 

This fact increases the reliability and resilience of Klever Exchange significantly in case of an attempted entry or exploit.

3. We’ll be there for you! Klever Exchange has an amazing 24/7 support

How bad is it when you have a system bug or an operation you can’t quite execute and you ask for support and it’s not given in an efficient and timely manner? 

With the users’ quality experience in mind, the Klever Support Team consists of more than 30 dedicated customer support agents who provide swift and personal support to all users worldwide. 

Klever truly believes that providing first-class support is a core part of providing an optimal and seamless user experience on their platforms, with particular emphasis on the Klever Exchange. 

With the use of support chat, it’s possible to get instant answers to requests, giving a safe feeling when using our platform. 

Klever Exchange clients also have access to the same high-quality level of support that the Klever Wallet users enjoy.

The Klever Support team attends requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, making sure that all questions and potential issues that our users are facing are met in a professional and timely manner.

4. Do you want NFTs? Klever Exchange has them!

With the new NFT user interface, you can quickly sell or buy your NFTs in a powerful and Klever environment. 

In addition to Devikins, Klever will introduce other NFT marketplace collections over the coming months. 

The new technology is being tested in the market, user feedback is assessed, and improvements will be made in a fast and flexible manner.

By connecting their wallets to the Klever NFT platform, users can list their NFTs in a quick and user-friendly way. 

It also includes a web3 integration that allows users to connect directly to Klever Wallet (still to come!), Wallet Connect, Tronlink, and many more.

On various blockchains, NFTs can be created, but the higher gas fees pose a problem for both creators and collectors. Klever Exchange addresses this issue.

Klever NFT Marketplace is a centralized marketplace, which means the NFTs are in our custody.

As a result, blockchain fees do not apply to listing, bidding, or buying NFTs. 

The seller of the NFT only has to pay a very low fee once the order has been completed, unlike Ethereum and decentralized Marketplaces, which charge huge gas fees for listing, bidding, or transferring NFTs through smart contracts.

5. Klever Exchange is part of an Ecosystem! 

Lastly, but not least, the Klever Exchange is completely integrated with the rest of the Klever Ecosystem. 

The ecosystem today consists of three main components: Klever App, Klever OS (Operating System), and Klever Swap.

This means that it is intertwined with what the entire development team, composed today of over 85 developers and growing daily, builds and optimizes in additional major platforms launching or already launched such as Klever Browser, KleverChain, and the expected Klever Bank. 

Five aspects that are worth a million 

When I, myself, think of a place to trade my virtual assets, usually those are the aspects I think of almost immediately: safety, support, efficiency, and convenience

Those five reasons why Klever Exchange is unique answers to very important questions that the user might have. 


If you get bothered by slow processes, try the speed of Klever Exchange;

If you are not happy with the support system provided by other exchanges, rethink the experience with KleverEx;

If you feel unsure about your safety when it comes to trading your assets, trust Klever Exchange’s super-fast engine;

And if you feel that the crypto world does not need to be complicated to be efficient, get into Klever Exchange’s uniqueness. 

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