Klever 2022

A Klever Letter by Dio Ianakiara

A deep dive into Klever's advancements in 2021, and how we progress forward in 2022

For the Klever Community, Customers and Collaborators.

I have always believed security was a huge challenge not only for cryptocurrency but also for the real world. There are scams everywhere.

The risk of losing control of your tokens and assets is high if you share your secret key with a compromised service or wallet.

Many people, unfortunately, lose ALL their assets due to compromised wallets and services. When secret keys are shared without a secure method for storing and signing transactions, the user will always run the risk of losing all their assets.

Having made this discovery in 2017, I wanted to create a fast, reliable, and secure way to sign contracts and transactions on the blockchain, as well as an amazing user experience. Being a Software Architect with over 12 years of experience and delivering more than 100 projects at the time, I knew building a cross-chain wallet would be challenging, but I was fully confident we could do it!

After the launch of the Klever app in 2018, the single-chain wallet became a multi-chain crypto wallet with support for over 30,000 tokens across 20+ blockchains. This presented a brand new challenge  —  Develop a new blockchain protocol to support our applications.

Through 2021, we will have served more than 3.5 million customers, recorded a 2,774% revenue growth to above $11,000,000 million, and expanded our market share despite aggressive competition.

Klever has grown rapidly in its first four years and now has over 3.5 million users worldwide. Our real value can be found in the fact that we are able to help our users securely nurture their economic confidence and regain their financial freedom.

Today, we have a 4:1 ratio between what we earn and what we spend, which is undoubtedly a privilege in times of global financial crisis such as the one we are experiencing right now. Klever has over 160 professionals and collaborators, making it one of the fastest-growing crypto startups in the world.

For the first time in their lives, people actually own their money and can independently decide what to do with their finances. The protection of this freedom of money and freedom of choice are cornerstones that shape Klever’s philosophy and mission. 

Klever Coin (KLV)

We continue to believe that having a utility token that powers all of our products and services bring credibility, agility, accountability, and independence to our users. It strengthens our relationship with our community and enables dynamic partnership deals. All transactions carried out in the portfolio of Klever apps go through the KLV coin, directly or indirectly. 

KLV is the link between our users and the products and services in the portfolio. As a result, we will continue to work hard to improve this link, since this is what connects us with our users and builds the ecosystem.

Klever Coin, KLV, was launched only two years ago, but it has grown exponentially with over 175,600 holders who have conducted more than 12,2 million blockchain transactions with KLV.

KLV’s market cap now exceeds $200 million. 

In the past year, KLV’s value has appreciated by 918.7% following a huge spike in February 2021, and is now worth $0.035.

KLV Burn

We annually burn a significant amount of KLV each December based on the revenue from Klever Swap and other revenue sources for the previous year. A total of about 5B KLV tokens will be burned and removed from the total supply through this mechanism.

Some of these roughly 5 billion KLV that will be burned over the next few years come from the newly minted KLV created through Klever Staking. The inflation rates for the new KLV are as follows: at the end of 2020 it was 12 %, 2021 ~ 10 %, 2022 ~ 8 %, 2023 ~ 6 %, 2024 ~ 4 %, 2025 and onwards 2%.

Klever strives to achieve a deflationary model for KLV, in which the annual burn of KLV generated by Klever’s gross revenue and apps will outpace the newly minted supply of KLV created by staking and node validation.

Klever burned 317,178,337 million KLV on December 30, representing around 5.7% of KLV’s circulating supply.

In terms of today’s price of KLV, the burnt KLV amount is over $11 million based on Klever’s gross revenues in 2021.

The burn transaction hash for 317,178,337 KLV is available by clicking the button below:

Each year, the Klever team calculates last year’s revenue and subtracts KLV from the token’s circulating supply at the equivalent USD value.

Klever’s revenue and usage of Klever Swap and Klever Ecosystem products are expected to increase over the coming years, and the annual KLV burn will grow along with it, as evidenced by the year-on-year increase from 2020 to 2021.

Previous KLV Burns

Prior to today’s multi million dollar KLV burn, Klever has been conducting four daily burns each and every day, further removing KLV from the supply. Over the course of 2020, the Klever Team burned a total of 35,941,960 KLV, excluding today’s burn of 317 million KLV.

Klever Foundation has staked 1,011,321,662 KLV for increased transparency on December 30.

Following the burn, KLV’s circulating supply now stands at 5,224,423,694 KLV, with more than 74% staked inside the Klever app, amounting to a total of 3,874,795,563.967275 KLV frozen and staked by thousands of Klever users globally.

Klever Blockchain

For me, KleverChain is the next big thing in crypto because it will make it easy and transparent for developers to create crypto and blockchain applications.

Klever Blockchain or KleverChain is a trusted permissioned blockchain network for the emerging decentralized economy, by providing a safer, faster, and smarter cryptocurrency experience for all users globally to enter and thrive within.

As a result of our team of engineers and blockchain wizards’ work, Klever Wallet has integrated the KleverChain Public Testnet into its core functionality.

The last two months have provided our users with opportunities to test, analyze, and provide feedback as we move into the next phase of Klever’s own blockchain evolution.

KleverChain’s blockchain gateway (KleverScan) has been redesigned and optimized for a functional, seamless, and mobile-friendly experience for users. Its enhanced filters and fast access to transactional insights make it an essential tool when interacting with key features, such as Nodes, Blocks, Accounts, Assets, and Transactions: https://testnet.kleverscan.org

In 2022, we will showcase our world-shaping blockchain technology.

Kapps Coming Soon

Klever Governance Token (KFI)

The Klever Finance Token (KFI) is the Klever Blockchain Application governance token. KFI token holders have complete control over the app’s protocol configuration (like application fees and referrals) and approval of new apps using an on-chain voting system.

To clarify, KLV Coin is the Klever Blockchain main utility token, and KFI is the governance token of KleverChain. Klever Blockchain enables us to build unlimited on-chain peer-to-peer applications. Each protocol is a kapp with its own fee contribution model to the network itself and to the KFI governance community. As more apps are developed on the Klever Blockchain, more value flows into liquidity pools through KLV and more rewards are distributed to the KFI governance community.

You can use KFI on Klever Blockchain to vote for new application proposals, vote for new projects, vote for change application proposals, earn network kapp rewards.

As many of you know, after further analysis we decided to increase the KFI supply from 1M to 21M units. There are two main reasons for this. The first reason is that the number of token holders is too low for a governance token. The second reason is to increase the mining period and rewards across all Klever products enabling on-chain and off-chain apps to mine KFI.

After the blockchain launch, KFI Holders will swap the current KFI token with the ratio of 1:21 to a new KFI version when we migrate to the Kleverchain. 

Klever Exchange 

The technology to build the exchange and wallet we envisioned did not yet exist on any platform, so we had to create and code everything from scratch and that was where the fun truly began! 

As of its first release, Klever Exchange featured basic functionality for both newbies and experienced traders. We built a technical foundation on which to scale our services so that we could offer more powerful and relevant features to everyone based on a foundation of security, scalability, reliability, and market-leading speed.

Klever Exchange sets out an ambitious plan to make crypto trading simple, joyful, and accessible to all, and aims to take the world of crypto to the next level. The launch of Klever Exchange is a game-changer for the entire ecosystem and to make sure it becomes a powerful experience in 2022, we decided to test, build some more, and perfect our code this year.

The launch of our new multichain NFT marketplace on Klever Exchange will take place on 17 January 2022, the beginning of a series of new technological advancements that will revolutionize how we trade, store and manage our digital assets.

We will also have our own liquidity pool platform, called Klever Pool, that will provide liquidity to Klever Exchange and other Klever products.

Klever Hardware Wallet

The Klever Hardware Wallet will forever change the way you view crypto security, storage, and digital asset management. A result of months of development and perfecting, the Klever Hardware Wallet boasts a secure, powerful circuitry and sophisticated design. 

In just over two hours, our pre-sale for Klever Hardware Wallets was sold out. When your community commits to the purchase of your new and first physical product, you know you have something special. 

Klever Hardware Wallet was previously available for $129 per unit, excluding shipping, and is now available for $199 per unit.

Klever Hardware Wallet allows you to store, manage, and trade digital currencies securely using cold storage with USB-C or Bluetooth connection. A high-grade, CC EAL5+ certified integrated circuit holds a private key used to perform cryptographic operations, making the device easy to set up and easy to operate.

One of the most exciting features of the Klever Hardware Wallet is that it is accessible via the synced Klever Wallet app, putting even more security at the center of any crypto transaction. By doing so, the Klever Wallet app is required to be connected to the hardware wallet and vice versa. In this way, the Klever Hardware Wallet offers a more friendly user interface and a better user experience with maximum security of the wallet and user funds.

Notably, you also gain access to Klever’s renowned 24/7 support team to make sure your Hardware Wallet experience is seamless, fast, and event-free.

Once our product development and supply chain teams have finalized our stock, we will begin settling payments and shipping will commence.

Klever 5


Klever Wallet is on an unstoppable trajectory, and it will move to Klever 5. The new version features a more advanced and user-friendly design, as well as improvements related to performance and usability. 

In 2022, our new integrations and partnerships will include:

  • Mercuryo
  • Banxa
  • Moonpay
  • Transak
  • Simplex
  • Travala Mini-App
  • Unstoppable domains
  • New blockchains
  • Hardware Wallet Connectivity

These are just a few examples, many more exciting things to come.

Final Thoughts

2021 can be summarised in one Klever word, “success”, described as the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors; the accomplishment of one’s goals.

That’s exactly what we did this year. We achieved many goals and delivered world-class technology. We have spent the last year creating, releasing, and perfecting Klever’s ecosystem, getting it ready for our community, and building a technological hub designed to help you achieve financial freedom. 

#Klever2022 will bring a consolidation of Klever technology, advanced marketing activities, and with the launch of our very own KleverChain, we will change the world of blockchain.

Sincerely yours,

Dio Ianakiara

CEO & Co-Founder of Klever

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