There is currently an increasing demand for high skilled software developers who are within the blockchain technology radar. This is a result of the gradual migration of what seems to be the technological paradigm shift to the blockchain technology era.

Africa is a hub for blockchain development

There is currently an increasing demand for high skilled software developers who are within the blockchain technology radar. This is a result of the gradual migration of what seems to be the technological paradigm shift to the blockchain technology era.

There was a time when the core competence of technological knowledge was the reserve of a few nations in the global community, especially during the industrial revolution which saw some nations take prominence as resource nations for such services. 

It was evident that people had to increase their skills in order to be able to feature in such a cadre of technological service. That would in the long run involve a huge cost to be trained and as such only a few people were opportune to work at that level of service. 

However, the blockchain technological paradigm is one with a difference. This is as a result of the underlying developments in technology that allowed for people to be trained remotely and with an increasing number of repositories in technological platforms for people to have access to resources from GitHub, and other file sharing platforms.

This, in the long run, has transformed the way knowledge is being shared in the global space in recent times. It can also be said that there are some other developers who have taken it upon themselves to help nurture young talents in the field of blockchain technology and related development.

In the past few years, some African countries have set up blockchain technology hubs to train their youthful population in order to stem the tides of criminal tendencies which can be attributed to the youths. 

Subsequently, this has helped to create small tech hubs around the continent of Africa which is perceived to be the blockchain technological hub in the world.

It would fail me to say that the continent of Africa is indeed taking the lead in the creation of tech hubs situated all across from Nigeria and Ghana in the west, to Kenya, Rwanda, and Ethiopia in the east while a massive influx of tech incubation centers is sprouting in the nations of Botswana and South Africa in the south. The same can also be said for the countries up north in Egypt and Tunisia. 

The developmental strides of the African continent are indeed noteworthy, such that the tech hubs are now the cynosure of the global financial community. This is evident in the number of venture capitalists (VCs) who are willing to invest in such technologies that are created from the hubs. 

It would indeed fail me not to mention a few unique blockchain projects and tech hubs of unique significance who have successfully raised huge sums of money from their technological display at some of these tech events globally.

In no significant order, these blockchain and tech hubs have distinguished themselves in the global space.

Blockchain in Africa
  1. Co-creation Hub: This is an incubator based in Nigeria (West Africa) that functions as a multi-purpose space that is responsible for the development and creativity of social technology ventures. They have also expanded their development to blockchain technology to help broaden their nest of activities.

    The hub was founded in 2010 with developmental partners of giant tech companies like Microsoft, Facebook, and Google.
  1. SmartXchange is a South African technology hub based in the city of Durban and was established in 2012 in order to provide enterprise development support and services in the region in South Africa. The tech hub encourages talented youths from higher institutions all over South Africa. It has also raised support funding from Government sources and technology partners globally.
  1. iHub is one of the outstanding East African tech hubs which is located in Nairobi, Kenya. The Tech Hub was founded in 2010 with the core purpose of partnering entrepreneurs with venture capitalists. The hub was set up with a core goal of accelerating the use of technology and social capital to attain economic prosperity. Which has eventually led to the creation of multiple tech startups in Kenya.
  2. Flat6Labs is a tech hub situated in Egypt which serves as the tech hub and developmental center for the Middle East and North African (MENA) region. It has proven to be the leading seed and early-stage venture capital firm currently and also running the most renowned startup programs in the region. 

The regional tech hub was reported to have invested in over 100 technology-driven and innovative startups annually. Thus, it enables thousands of entrepreneurs in the region to realize their daring ambitions of establishing businesses and enterprises.

In conclusion, the Klever team is proud to associate with the African Blockchain initiative which promotes the development of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency platform. We have also indicated our interest by becoming the premier sponsors for the current African blockchain conference scheduled to be held in South Africa from the 17th to 18th of march 2022.

It would be an awesome opportunity to engage with all the regional blockchain tech hubs that would be represented at the conference as we look forward to transforming Africa in a Klever way.

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