Backup Keys: How to better store your Klever Exchange keys

You can use backup keys to access your wallet when you change the device you generally use to access your account.

Whenever you open a crypto trading account with any crypto exchange, you should opt for the 2FA authenticator tool.

Crypto trading accounts with Klever Exchanges come with a high level of security. If you want complete access to the exchange, you need to verify your account, as well as set up a 2FA Google authenticator, this will secure your account. 

If you don’t opt for this high-security tool and if anyone has your email ID and password which you use to access your crypto trading account, your crypto assets are compromised, you can lose everything. The additional security cover will prevent this from happening. 

An extra layer of security

Klever Exchange users are not able to withdraw funds without the 2FA feature enabled. 

To add an additional level of security, you will get a backup key, which you need to keep in a safe place. If you want to trade crypto assets or check your crypto assets, the key is essential to logging into your account. A recovery code is only required if you lose your 2FA authentication.

Imagine you lose your device from where you accessed your tokens, what will you do next? It is best to take care of all your devices, gadgets, and make sure that no one else uses the devices you use for crypto trading.

In case something happens to your device, you need to contact the exchange through your registered email IDs and follow the process as directed by the customer support team.

It is possible to access your trading account without enabling the 2FA Google authenticator, but you only have one security cover. By enabling it, your trading account gets a second layer of security. All Klever Exchange users must enable 2FA before withdrawing funds.

How to enable 2FA Google authenticator on Klever Exchange

Go to your Klever Exchange account after logging in. On the right side of the page, after clicking on Account, you will see 2FA authenticator.

Before this, you need to download Google authenticator on your mobile device. Once that is done, the first step is to enable the 2FA Google authenticator. Once you enable it, it requires only four steps to set up one. As soon as you enable it, it will send a verification code to your registered email ID. As soon as you put the code to proceed further, your 2FA Google authenticator is now enabled. 

Once that is enabled, you will get a 21-digit backup key. Please save this Key on paper. This Key will allow you to recover your Google Authenticator in case you lose your phone.

If you want to change the device from wherever you log in on Klever Exchange, just disable the 2FA Google authenticator or remove it. You can read how to Recover your Klever Account’s Google Authenticator (GA) 2FA.

Remember, you are the owner of the backup key, the exchange is not. If you lose your backup key, you need to contact the exchange. 

  • Always write down your backup code on a notebook, or other devices that are not connected to the internet.
  • Never share your keys with anyone, even your friends or family members.
  • Never share your account information on any telegram group, or any social media platforms.
  • Klever Exchange support team will never ask for backup keys.
  • Never share your portfolios on any social media group.
  • Remember, you are responsible for your account, not the exchange.
  • Always use an alternate wallet ID for any crypto promotions.
  • Always do your research, before sharing your Klever Exchange wallet ID in any promotional activities, like airdrops, free tokens, and so on. 

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