BECOME A CREATOR: Klever Creators Program to Enable Community to Publish Content in Klever

Today we launch the Klever Creators Program, through which anyone in the global Klever Community can become a content creator & reach millions of Klever users. Submit your content to

Today we launch the first version of the Klever Creators Program, where all Klever users will be given the opportunity to submit and publish high-quality content on Klever’s platforms, reaching millions of users globally.

Every project is only as good as its community, and the Klever Community is among the most knowledgeable, helpful, and inspiring communities in all of crypto!

With the launch of Klever Creators Program, you as a Klever community member will be given a chance to grow your audience and fanbase by sharing your knowledge on Klever’s platforms and guide others in the world of crypto through the use of original and creative content.

Harnessing the knowledge and passion of the global Klever Community to educate others and share your experience will become a very powerful tool in spreading awareness about the Klever ecosystem, blockchain technology and crypto in general.

What kind of Content?

Content creators will be able to submit a wide array of content & subject to the Klever Team such as:

Upon launch, content submitted to Klever Creators Program should be in English, while many more languages will be added as the product grows in size, features and reach.

Guidelines For Content

Important guidelines for submitted content to be sent to include:

  • Only original content will be reviewed and published in the Klever News section inside the Klever App (third party content are not allowed).

  • Make sure not to expose sensitive personal data in your content, such as 12 seed words and private keys.

  • You can use your own name or a pseudonym when submitting content.

  • Make sure to send your KLV address in the email so we can publish so readers can give tip in KLV to the author.

  • When using quotes, charts or other material from external sources, please make sure to link the source.

Structure of Submitted Content

Send us your content to with the following structure:

1. Name/username: 

2. Content itself (written or video content):

3. Relevant links:

4. KLV address for tip from viewers:

Goals & Objectives

The goal of Klever’s Creators Program is to promote education and community building within the Klever ecosystem, by creating a content machine driven and powered by the community itself!

The aim is for Klever to offer a safe and trusted platform of knowledge, where Klever users can share content and learn about blockchain, cryptocurrencies, decentralized finance, and of course your experience with Klever.

In what we are developing to become a user-friendly and eventually gamified platform with an extensive KLV reward system, everyone will be able to contribute and offer written or video content, in a constant exchange of information and insights. All content will be reviewed, edited and approved by the Klever Team before publication in Klever’s in-app news section, and at a later stage also published on Klever’s web-based community blog.

Evolving Product to Reach Millions

The Klever Creators Program is a work in progress with many more features, tipping, and earning options for both content creators and content consumers to be added to the product, all in a continuous dialogue with the Klever Community.

Klever’s team and developers will work closely with the global Klever Community to get your feedback on which features to build next, what content to publish and how to best harness the power of Klever Community’s content creators.

Submit your content today by sending an email with your original content to:

We’re looking forward to reviewing your content and growing together with you. Not everyone can become a great creator, but a great creator can come from anywhere!


Klever Team

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