BTC/USDT is available on Klever Swap now!

To make the lives of our community even better, the swap services on the Klever wallet take another important step, BTC/USDT.

To develop blockchain applications rapidly in the world we are living in today, the required intuition is crucial.

This is one fundamental ace up the sleeves of the Klever team as we leave no stone unturned in the desire to create the most intuitive wallet system for our users.

And with those users in mind, we work relentlessly to make their lives in the crypto world easier and the most attentive to their needs. 

That’s why our Swap system incorporates one of the most common and requested transactions in the crypto-verse: Bitcoin and UDST

Swap between BTC and USDT 

One of the major pairs in our Klever swap feature is the BTC/USDT pair which enables the users to swap Bitcoin (BTC) into Tether (USDT) in a very seamless manner with the commensurate funds credited to the users’ wallet. 

These processes are all performed within the user’s wallet where there is no need for  Know your customers (KYC) or any form of registration to execute the transactions.

However, we have taken all necessary measures to make the steps accessible to everyone no matter their level of literacy.

Everyone who needs to use the swap feature can start by scanning the QR code below and following the instructions.

Scan the code to Swap BTC/USDT now

The basic steps are outlined as follows:

  • Step 1. Log in to your Klever wallet with your unique password or Biometric 
  • Step 2. Select the Swap icon (4th from your left) which resembles the dollar sign below
  • Step 3. Select token or coin to be swapped (in this case BTC)
  • Step 4. Input the amount of BTC to swap, note there is a Minimum value to swap. Once done, click on the Next button.
  • Step 5. Select the coin or token you are swapping into (In this case USDT)
  • Step 6. The value of the amount to be swapped would be displayed as “You get”.
  • Step 7. Confirm the swap
  • Step 8. Wait for a while
  • Step 9. Check balance
  • Step 10. Coin or token arrives in your wallet.

What is the Klever swap?

The cryptocurrency Swap (Klever swap) is a major function of Klever and its blockchain ecosystem. Klever’s Swap allows users to seamlessly exchange coins or tokens from one blockchain to another with 100% privacy and unrivaled speed.

This is indeed a powerful tool as it enables the user to perform several transactions of swapping their token within the Klever wallet seamlessly, saving them the possible risk of losing their tokens in the process of moving the tokens across several exchanges at a minimal transaction fee.

The Klever wallet comes with an inbuilt swap tool that allows users to smoothly swap between a large list of coins and tokens including BTC, ETH, LTC, BNB, TRX, KBTC, KETH, KLV, USDC, USDT, BUSD, MATIC, TEL, AVA, SYS, CRO, etc.  

What is the Klever vision of swapping?

It has always been the core vision for the Klever team to ensure the simplicity of our wallet and enables wealth creation for our users through the easy-to-use interfaces on the Klever wallet. 

The Klever swap involves basic processes to ensure our users are comfortable with the transactions made on their mobile phones. 

This has greatly helped new users gain access by holding cryptocurrencies of their choice by performing these simple swap functions. 

Klever Wallet goes beyond for financial freedom

There are countries with limitations and restrictions associated with trading and the use of certain cryptocurrencies. 

However, most of the users in such regions see themselves as fortunate to be associated with the Klever wallet and as well access to our intuitive swap feature. 

At Klever, we took a new dimension for the emancipation and financial liberation of people all over the world by means of educating and creating awareness in the crypto space using all the vast resources from our developers by creating quality products.

This is a task we intend to intensify even further by engaging more people to help spread adoption through education and making crypto accessible to everyone no matter their creed, religion, sexual orientation, or age.

The world is transforming and we as a company, want to be the positive change to be reckoned with in the near future. 

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