What is the easiest way to buy Bitcoin?

Crypto made simpler and buying is easier than ever using Klever Wallet & Klever Exchange

After successfully riding years of uncertainty and volatility, Bitcoin (BTC) has now been seen as a cryptocurrency that mitigates inflation risk and adds value in the longer run.

Everyone wants it now, and no one wants to miss this chance to own the future of money.

With the price per BTC trading for $40,243 as of 12 April 2022, buying too can be very difficult, if you don’t choose your exchange Kleverly.

Today, the market capitalization of BTC is over $764 billion with a 24-hour trading volume of over $36 billion.

BTC is the world’s most adopted cryptocurrency with many institutional investors holding over 225,413 BTC. 

MicroStrategy Inc currently holds 129,218 BT, followed by Tesla holding 48,000, Galaxy Digital Holdings owns 16,402, Square Inc holds 8027 and other companies hold the balance BTC out of the 19 million BTC available in the market today. 

Let me explain how to buy Bitcoin on Klever Wallet and Klever Exchange in the simplest way possible.

Buying Bitcoin with Klever Wallet

It’s very simple to buy BTC with Klever Wallet, users just need to follow a few steps.

First, you need to log in to your Klever Wallet, if you don’t have an account, get an account for free. You can download the app from Android and iStore. Open the app, note down your 12 words SEED, remember, never share the SEED words with anyone, it is a very important code that will help you restore your wallet if you lose or damage your smartphone.  

After this, set a six-digit code and log in to your account. Once you log in to your account, you come to the portfolio page.  

Clicking on Bitcoin will take you to the Bitcoin account page, where you will see five options: Send, Receive, Scan, Charge, and Buy.

Click on Buy, enter the amount you wish to buy, and click next, it will take you to Simplex payment gateway, where you click I agree and that will take you to the method of payment.

You can select credit/debit card or even global banking transfer, once you select one mode, click continue and you will then complete the KYC process and your order is booked.

Once your order is done, the amount of BTC will be deposited in your Klever Wallet.

The buying crypto process takes only a few minutes. Klever is also working to add more payment gateways for its users.

Trading BTC on Klever Exchange

In contrast, buying on Klever Exchange is a little different, but very straightforward.
Let’s learn more about it!

To buy crypto on Klever Exchange, users need to deposit crypto to their Klever Exchange account. You can buy on Klever Wallet and send it across to your Klever Exchange or get BTC from your friend in your exchange account.

Once you get BTC, you can trade for many pairs on Klever Exchange. 

24X7 support team

Apart from offering a low fees model, Klever Exchange & Klever Wallet also offers 24X7 support to users by its support team that attends to users’ requests on a real-time basis, making sure that all questions and potential issues that our users are facing are met in a professional and timely manner. 

Klever wants to make crypto easier and more accessible to the user that has never heard about crypto, but at the same time also serves the traders that are considered advanced users. 

Klever has built an exchange that will maximize the potential for crypto trading across the globe for anyone with a connection to the internet, everyone deserves to have the same chances to succeed as the crypto whales do today.

Today, Klever Exchange, along with its Wallet serves more than 150,000 daily active users, well over half a million monthly active users, and record 3.5 million downloads worldwide, providing users with a seamless experience of self-banking and self-custody.

Klever provides ironclad and advanced security measures that protect users and traders against any malicious external attacks. 

In the coming months, Klever will be moving to its own KleverChain for increased efficiency and optimized performance. With this migration, Klever Exchange will soon surpass all the other exchanges in cryptocurrencies trading.

So, if you want to buy Bitcoin, Klever offers you a platform that is very easy to use and makes your BTC buy within minutes with seamless opportunities after your buy too.

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