Collaboration vs Competition in Crypto

Klever has been at the forefront of building bridges from its inception & will continue to extend its hands of friendship to all other legitimate platforms, projects & communities to ensure growth.

To achieve meaningful development in any sector of life requires a detailed analysis of that particular sector holistically.

Most crypto projects upon development see themselves as competitors trying to outdo or out perform one another, thereby missing the ultimate goal for the creation of simple to use and mass adopted products to further the advancement of decentralized financial tools running on the blockchain. 

When there is competition, people see themselves as rivals and distractors to one another thereby limiting the possibilities for growth, cooperation and development. 

However, when there is collaboration there is possibility for synergizing, fine tuning and in the long run joint growth and shared development is achievable. 

A wise man once said that small mindsets believe in competition while big mindsets believe in collaboration. 

This is evident in the Klever team. 

The Klever team is filled with personalities with larger than life mindsets who set goals and believe these goals can be achieved, especially by the means of collaboration. 

From inception of the Klever project, there are countless mutually beneficial business relationships that have been built by the collaboration with several ambitious platforms.

Klever has partnered with over 20 global exchanges by having the KLV token listed on these exchanges, and also implemented the listing of countless other tokens and coins in the Klever wallet to accommodate other projects for simple use by its global wallet user base of over 3 million. 

Klever has not only collaborated with crypto projects but also accommodated other products with possible use cases for crypto tokens and coins of which one major partnership is that with leading crypto-travel company

The strategic partnership has enabled Travala’s AVA token to be listed in Klever Swap, while KLV is now available for purchase of over 3 million hotels and travel products on The next step is a full and seamless integration of Travala’s services into the Klever wallet ecosystem. 

Another large impact made by the Klever team is the strategic partnership and subsequent integration of the Reef Finance DeFi project which gives access to interoperability across multiple blockchain platforms.

Klever is now officially voted in as Reef Chain’s first external validator, advancing decentralization by assisting other projects to progress and allows over 3 million Klever users to benefit from the Reef Ecosystem bringing additional value to both communities.

Introducing support for more platforms for swapping, staking and participation within the Klever ecosystem is part of Klever’s overall goal towards a decentralized, thriving and inclusive crypto economy, powered by Klever and enabled through cooperation, not competition.

In as much as blockchain technology was developed to weed away centralization of the way of doing business, it would only be more profitable for all concerned to collaborate and build the ecosystem as partners to achieve the full potential of blockchain technology. 

This would involve an all inclusive collaboration of the major players and actors involved, including exchanges, wallet developers, investors, users and even regulators so that we are not seen to be at each other’s throats but rather there to assist in building an ecosystem of products to achieve our optimum goal of decentralization in the first place.

Klever has been at the forefront of building this bridge of collaborators from its inception and will continue to extend its hands of friendship to all other legitimate platforms, projects and communities to ensure the crypto ecosystem thrives in both growth and development.

That’s the Klever way.

By James Enajite

Klever Admin

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