Community is family

The concept of family goes beyond bloodlines. And the crypto community is proving that.

It has always been a pleasure to see people reunite more often when they go out on a trip far away from their families. 

This depicts the bond around families as they tend to share tales, laughter and moments together whenever they have the opportunity to gather. 

The community is a reflection of people with similar characteristics and passion with a common goal. The community contributes to the growth and development of each other and ensures the progress of one is the progress of all. 

A Klever Family

However, the family is a more closely knitted group of people bonded together by bloodline. 

This can consist of a father, mother, and children, and other relatives on one hand and on another hand just a group of people bonded together by bloodline. 

In recent times it would be very myopic to say people are bonded together only by bloodlines, especially in the crypto space. This is evident in virtually everyone’s journey in their quest for knowledge in the crypto space. 

Many people got connected from all over the world searching for people with like passion and minds with a specific relationship around cryptocurrencies. 

This brought about meetups and conferences in a global way with people traveling far and wide just to be in such gatherings of people with like minds. 

These gatherings created an opportunity for people without jobs to find a career path for themselves which indeed has blossomed into a whole new space and is still evolving daily.

The Klever community has simply grown into a family as evident in our one year anniversary where we all gathered from all over the world to celebrate the birth of this wonderful family with joy and gladness on the faces of all and sundry.

The warmth shared with glasses in our hands brought everyone closer together despite our distance as we realized that distance was not a barrier for us to be a family any longer. 

We had our relentless CEO and Co-founder sharing words of love and encouragement while we all cheered and hugged each other virtually (smiles) with a futuristic hope of having to meet each other whenever it becomes possible for people to mingle together in person. 

We are more united with a common purpose with everyone having a family member from all over the world.

It would fail me to realize the wonderful potential of living and working together in this community as my family members are now right there in Brazil, Israel, Netherland, South Africa, the USA, Nigeria, India, and virtually everywhere the Klever wallet is downloaded globally.

It is indeed a Klever family bonded in a community of mutual respect and love for one another in a Klever way.

A Klever Family connection.

PS: If you want to join our Klever family, please do not hesitate to follow and interact with us on Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, and Discord.

By James Enajite

Klever Writer.

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James Enajite (37)

A passionate lover of crypto and mankind with an active mind to create content to educate everyone within my sphere of influence. An entrepreneur with an open heart to accommodate young aspiring individuals to achieve their best in a global space.

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