Create wealth for young Africans through blockchain technology

Create wealth for young Africans through blockchain technology

It is no exaggeration to say that Africa is abundantly gifted in various fields of endeavor.

It is no longer news that there has been an increase in the number of African youths who leave the shores of the continent to seek greater opportunities where their talents can be properly harnessed.

However, due to the ineptitude of the Government and their policies on the future of the bright and talented youths, most of them are now misdirecting their talent and energies on crime and other vices.

How can this menace be stopped?

The advent of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies has seen an increase in the desire for youths to align themselves to the new technologies. These new technologies have a broader base that seems to accommodate the activities of the younger generation.

However, without a proper understanding and education of what blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies can achieve in the current dispensation, the youths may still end up misusing the opportunities. Hence the need to highlight key opportunities for a proper focus on what to do and maximize their potential in the blockchain technology space.

The following opportunities are readily available for youths all over the world, especially from Africa.

  1. NFT collectors and Gamers: The NFTs which can be anything from artworks, videos, music, photography, memes and can be sold on various platforms can create a new source of income for these youths and eventually empower them to achieve their goals financially. 

This is an outstanding opportunity as it requires less academic prowess and the ability to utilize your inherent skills for playing your usual games and acquisition of rewards from the games for your own benefit.

NFTs have been implemented in the Philippines where young and old gamers engage themselves in playing games and were rewarded with tokens that were tradable on marketplaces. Subsequently, African youths can replicate such activities as there are more gaming platforms that would in the long run benefit the youths and distract them from other social vices.

Young talented African artists also have been very successful in the NFT marketspace providing artworks with outstanding quality that can be replicated in many different ways. These could also be taught to aspiring artists to enhance their careers and improve the quality of their production to keep them abreast with the current trends in the NFT space.

  1. Blockchain Engineers: Blockchain engineers are the highest-paying professionals in this domain. They are usually responsible for creating and implementing several digital solutions for companies depending on their personalized needs. Knowledge of various blockchain technologies and programming skills like Java, C#, Go, Python, and others will also be required.
  1. Crypto Research Analyst: The role of a research analyst comprises researching developments in the cryptocurrency field to educate people about crypto investments and blockchain functionality so that they can make intelligent decisions. A research analyst needs to possess strong analytical skills, strategic thinking, and communication skills to help achieve business goals.
  1. Cryptocurrency Analyst: These analysts are responsible for examining and predicting the pricing, demand, trends, and trading volumes of specific cryptocurrencies and monitoring the entire digital currencies market. Candidates interested in this job profile should have a good understanding of economics, supply and demand, cryptocurrencies, and their individual market valuations.
  2. Blockchain Web Developer: As a blockchain web developer, the candidates will have to write and maintain computer codes that will allow the users to make transactions without any third-party intervention. A web developer in the blockchain industry must be aware of programming languages like JavaScript, Python, and Solidity, and also learn new programming languages to prepare for upcoming industry demands.

The Klever team is open to sustainable development and education for youths all over Africa to help them achieve this goal. We have created a marketplace for NFTs and other projects and would like to have more NFTs uploaded to our marketplace.

The best for African youths is yet to come, it would only manifest on the wings of Knowledge and Educational development.

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