Creators Program: A conversation on a klever future, by Curtis Kitchen

At no risk of overstatement, Klever has dominated the crypto conversation recently. For good reason. KLV is still an incredibly undervalued asset when you consider what remains to be implemented.

As of March 10, Klever eclipsed the 130,000-mark for daily active users, which placed the project in rare company as only four blockchains in the world – Bitcoin, Tron, Ethereum, and Litecoin – had more active addresses on their chains.

At no risk of overstatement, Klever has dominated the cryptocurrency conversation recently. For good reason.

The excitement – due fully to the price explosion to more than $0.15 (USD) by Thursday afternoon – led to a specific Twitter thread that received a lot of attention earlier this week. The March 9 thread from Christopher Nettle (@chrisnettle) that he deemed “Philosophical Musings of Why Klever is Pamping”, took aim at theorizing (with data support) why the KLV token has exploded. (Read the full thread here.)

I wanted to understand how he arrived at the conclusions he did, so I caught up with Nettle, who has an undergrad degree in Aviation Business Management and also holds a specialization equivalent to a Master’s Degree in Data Analysis. He says it shouldn’t be all that surprising that Klever is rocketing.

“Connecting the dots is the bread and butter of data analysis,” he said, ”and determining where the dots are related directly, casually, or by happenstance. As for how I came to the conclusions I did, I simply pulled the data from the sources available — directly from the Klever papers, Ask-Me-Anything’s (AMA’s), Twitter posts, from historical data on previous crypto bull-run cycles, and, in particular, from a recent report released by HSBC (one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organizations) regarding the future of the traditional FX space as it applies to the long-term outlook.”

(Note: Nettle said the HSBC report deals specifically with the inner workings of bank-to-bank transfers, CBDCs, Ripple, XRP, Hyperledger, and other assets which are generally looked down on in much of the cryptosphere, “but their adoption by the traditional FX systems cannot be overlooked,” he said. “Once you have the data, it is merely a matter of running the possible outcomes to their logical conclusions.”)

Klever first caught Nettle’s eye because it was useful.

“I have been a fan of, and following Klever since their earlier iteration of TronWallet,” he said. “I really got into Klever because they were the best wallet for daily use in the TRON ecosystem. Everything was simple, had ease of use, and the biggest draw in my opinion is the age-old saying ‘your keys, your crypto.’

“A lot of wallet and exchanges in the space are custodial, meaning you are not in control of your assets. With recent events like the GME/Robinhood fiasco, it is more and more apparent that if you don’t control your assets, you are at the mercy of others. Klever’s approach makes their use a no-brainer.”

In his thread, Nettle highlighted a view that Klever, on the outside, might seem unworthy of a price spike because it is “just a crypto wallet.”

“The thing is, saying Klever is just a crypto wallet is like saying a 1/1 Ferrari is just a car,” he wrote. “It doesn’t do justice to any of the unique features under the hood that are not utilized anywhere else on the planet.”

I pressed him on what he meant by those unique features he believes are not utilized.

“At the end of the day, I function more like a think tank, not a coder. I can only take the information provided at face value since I do not have the personal ability to analyze code,” he said. “That being said, the security implementations with the Klever Wallet and Exchange (as stated by Klever and their professional auditors) are exciting to see in the crypto space.

“Knowing that each ‘module’ only interacts with the others but has no direct access to another, from a hacking perspective that provides a large amount of peace of mind for both the casual user and the hardcore trading enthusiast. We all know there are bad actors in the space so every added bit of security should be seen as a blessing.”

“Combine those security features with Klever’s stated 3-million-transactions-per-second for their exchange, and you can extrapolate the logical conclusion for their blockchain capacity going forward in the future.”

In addition to security, Nettle also believes Klever continues to hit the mark on its goal of creating easy-to-use solutions.

“Another aspect that is exciting for the developers is the Klever-built drag-and-drop assets,” Nettle said. “From the teasers we have been given, it would appear that [Klever co-founder and CEO] Dio Ianakiara and the Klever team are building the next evolution of blockchain to decrease the hassle of creating projects on-chain while maximizing the security of the entire system.

“This will help eliminate bad actors from their ecosystem and improve the experience of developers and users. “Ultimately, it makes crypto more readily accessible to the masses. I can’t say that no one else is doing the same things, but I am confident that Klever is up to the task of doing it right the first time and better than the competition.”

In the back half of his initial thread, Nettle homed in on what he believes is a perfect storm of potential KLV seekers. Calling it a “vicious feedback loop,” Nettle said three main groups appear to be on the near-term horizon: people who want KLV to mine the soon-to-be-released KFI token; people simply chasing the news of a fast-rising token; and traders who want to make quick profits off the KLV rise.

“I suspect this buying pressure to last until at least the 22nd [of March], which is when the KFI mining event kicks off,” Nettle wrote. “How high the price rises ultimately hinges on the KLV holder crowd and how many tokens are removed from the market to mine KFI.”

Asked to expand on how those groups came together – or might in the future – Nettle offered:

“As far as Klever’s approach, I do not think they intentionally set up the conditions we are seeing right now,” he said. “It is most likely a nice intersection of coincidence and timing.”

Nettle believes Klever got it right with the high annual percentage yield offer of 16% out of the gate (and then stair-stepped down). He also believes the extended “cool down” period – the seven days someone must wait to unstake Klever also has helped develop the long-term hold mentality illustrated by roughly 68% of all Klever currently being staked.

“It would seem that early adopters are Klever Ninjas and do not want to lose out on that regardless of day-to-day prices,” Nettle said. “This has led to the daily trading action being carried out with only a fraction of the total supply, and anyone who does wish to exit and take profits must plan said exit carefully.”

From the 50,000-ft view, the entire ecosystem has formed quite nicely – a view, I admit, made extremely rosy by recent massive gains both with KLV and across the current bull market. It would be easy to allow those good feelings to cloud judgement on whether a project truly has figured out a strong long-term growth strategy, but Nettle and I agree that Klever appears to be firmly on the right track.”

“Until further details are released, speculation drives the potential future value of these governance tokens. But, having a voice on your platform of choice cannot be understated. Very few assets give you, the holder, the ability to participate in the growth of an organization.”

From there, we shifted to chatting about the “tomorrow…”

“I do believe that this round of buying pressure will continue until the 22nd, specifically because KLV holders want to have the ability to stake in order to mine KFI (which will be incredibly scarce at only one million total),” Nettle said. “Ultimately though, that pressure will be determined by the market at large as other groups chase and take profits. Whatever is bought for staking will be burned, increasing scarcity, but as more people buy into KLV many will inevitably end up utilizing Klever’s products.

“Some of those buyers may decide to stake their KLV for the 10% ROI. That leads to more scarcity, which drives prices higher.”

Depending on the minute-by-minute review, Klever is up somewhere between 475-650% over the past week or so (seriously, it keeps changing that fast lately). Still, Nettle believes the raise is a true one that has a lot of room to grow.

“As far as the price being inflated, from all metrics available, I think the reverse is true,” Nettle said. “KLV is still an incredibly undervalued asset when you consider what remains to be implemented in their pipeline.”

“Klever plans to release their centralized exchange this month, and they are releasing both the Klever Bank and migrating to their own purpose-built Klever Blockchain all by end of the year; should they hold to their roadmap.

“The exchange, bank, and blockchain are not currently valued into the day-to-day price of KLV. This is important to remember as the project moves forward.”

And as far as future pricing goes, Nettle offered his best guess after being asked.

“When doing a value analysis of KLV we can determine a potential future value by comparing Klever to similar organizations. It may be uncouth to say, but Klever seems to be building a product line which takes the best bits of Binance, Ripple, TRON, banking, DEFI, self-ownership, blockchain transaction capacity and security while eliminating all the chafe that those other institutions have.

“So, using that bit of information as a viable starting point, we can proceed to analyze each of the company’s assets against each other in terms of current price, circulating supply, user base and more. Comparing those metrics against Binance’s BNB gives a target price for KLV somewhere in the $6.00 range. Compared against Ripple’s XRP, you get a value in the $7.25 range.

“It must be stated that these are targeted values based on a few different values which include: the current state of the crypto market today with Bitcoin leading in dominance; Klever continuing to build their already impressive user base; and Klever’s full product lineup being priced into KLV’s value. We may not see those target prices for several years, or we might see them near the end of this bull-run cycle.

As with anything else in the space, the market can move up, down or sideways. It all depends on the market conditions and no one can predict how things end up.  I can only analyze the data available and make realistic projections based on that data. Nothing more.

That being said, I think we can realistically assume that buying pressure may ease off a bit on March 22. At that point, I would expect a correction to occur as profits are taken. Where the ATH and correction support forms though, we will just have to enjoy the ride.

Written by,

Curtis Kitchen (@curtiskitchen)

Curtis Kitchen entered the crypto space as a blockchain and crypto enthusiast in 2017. In addition to those things, he currently serves on the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) AI Ethics Task Force – a group dedicated to guiding associations on ethical standards and practices for implementing AI. He is an avid Klever project supporter and holds KLV in his portfolio.

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