Creators Program: "A Dive Into the World of Klever" by iMad Official

iMadOfficial: In this video we cover the basic facts about Klever/KLV, take a deeper look at what makes this incredible Klever app and their KLV token one of the best performing assets of 2021.

In this video we cover the basic facts about Klever/KLV and we take a look at what makes this incredible app and their token one of the best preforming assets of 2021 and how their products can change the way the world views crypto in the future.

I explore the Klever Wallet and all the available features in the app, and I take a look at the problems Klever App solves and its real life use case. I also talk about the upcoming Klever Blockchain mainnet and its potentials before I round up the video with a product verdict.

Hope you enjoy the video!

Video & text by @iMadOfficial

Twitter: @TheRealMadnessJ

YouTube: iMad Official

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