Creators Program: "A Klever Search For Financial Freedom", Video Review by Jimmy Lee

This edition of Klever Creators Program features a video review of Klever, KLV token and the Klever ecosystem to provide a self-bank alternative to personal finance by Jimmy Lee of Voice Crypto.

Jimmy Lee: “Klever is the killer dapp that everyone has been searching for. Total control over your wallet, and self banking at a low transaction cost is an application I can’t refuse.”

In this video I give a transparent view of the advantages of using the Klever app. You are losing purchasing power as a result of real world inflation, and traditional banks offer little to no yield. In order to strive we have to get (K)lever with our finances. Hope you enjoy!

“A Klever Search For Financial Freedom”, Video Review by Jimmy Lee

Video & text by Jimmy Lee of Voice Crypto

Jimmy Lee has been investing in crypto currency since 2017. He has worked as a social media manager for Aircoins and today works as a truck driver to keep America moving. After being frustrated with high Ethereum gas fees he searched for an alternative and discovered Klever. Jimmy has since started a YouTube channel called Voice Crypto to bring awareness to alternatives. 

Twitter: @voicecryptoLee

YouTube Channel:

If you enjoyed the video by Jimmy Lee of Voice Crypto make sure to leave him a KLV tip in his Klever address below!

KLV Address: TQ7A55aVniUz3ATSYpEcyNbBQWbJfEiSFo

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