Crypto adoption in the UK

Transformation is a process that would always take precedence over conventional ways of doing things.

This has been evident in all facets of life, technology, business and health care as a whole. People are naturally inclined toward accepting what they don’t know well.

Europe, which has been acknowledged as a financial hub for large corporations and investment bodies, would naturally want to understand any propositions which would be tied to finance and monetary policies. 

The advent of blockchain and cryptocurrency in 2009 has created a paradigm shift in the issues of finance and monetary policies with more countries looking towards blockchain technology and financial inclusion. This has created a new wave of digital millionaires that has sparked up a passion for most, especially young people who seem to want to be disentangled from the clutches of the conventional financial system. 

Crypto has indeed created a vast community of like minded individuals who tend to use their word of mouth and social media personality to influence their space in various forms of engagement. There is a vast majority of people who are still conservative about the new form of money, where they try to be as logical as possible in trying to understand how money can be created by using computer codes and algorithms.

It is obvious that the older generation would find this very difficult and intriguing to believe and would most likely not want to be associated with the use of cryptocurrency for their daily transactions. 

Deploying such a technology would require a high level strategy for proper education of the people from their educational curriculum to the use of the various forms of media broadcast and social media platforms.

In recent times cryptocurrency in the United Kingdom has taken a high level of importance as the present government shows more interest in the development of blockchain technology and its financial inclusion strategy by developing the CBDC pound coin which is presently under development and review. With such a move more people would be able to understand the technology behind crypto currency and eventually move from the centralized tokens or central bank backed coins to major decentralized coins like BTC, ETH, LTC and other crypto currencies.

The Klever team is aware of the need to educate more people about the need to move from the traditional finance system to the digital form of money. As such the team is breaking forth in the spread of educational strategy for countries in Europe and across the globe. The need for young people in the United Kingdom to use their various social media platforms to connect to one another for sharing educational contents has been intensified and the possibility of virtual meetings are in the lineup for proper engagement.

In order to achieve a mass adoption of the use of crypto in the UK, more people should be enlightened and educated to see the need for the shift and safety of the use of cryptocurrency for their daily transactions. Knowing that the structure is properly established for payment systems, funding mechanisms and financial gateway. The required layer for deploying crypto payment would be as seamless as possible for everyone to use in the UK.

This is indeed an opportunity for everyone to have the Klever Wallet as a tool to accomplish the required financial autonomy to make themselves their own bank in a Klever way.

Financial freedom is a Klever thing to do.

By James Enajite
Klever Writer 

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