Decentralization: A better way to achieve growth the Klever way

Klever prides itself as an institution developed around the value of decentralization on a global scale. Klever’s road to achieve a decentralized model is worthy of emulation from other projects.

Working as a decentralized corporate entity on a global scale without a headquarters has proven to be more cohesive and relational in the crypto space as compared to the traditional office system. 

This seems to be the burden of the present day: financial institutions appear to be struggling to overcome the centralized nature, as most are expected to have their users and customers being validated in a physical manner – hence the attempts over the past decade by the traditional financial system to stifle the crypto markets from growing. 

However, this is a monumental task to be surmounted by the same financial bodies as they have refused to learn in line with the current dynamic model of blockchain technology.

What is decentralization? 

Decentralization is the process by which the activities of an organization, particularly those regarding planning and decision making, are distributed or delegated away from a central, authoritative location or group. 

This is a model of taking away the concept of a centralized form of organization, business or government. 

It involves people working as a team, often from different locations and time zones, and improving the work allocated to everyone.

This has given the crypto community a form of security as this ensures a tamper-proof, uncontrolled presence as most projects derive their security from a decentralized nature. 

The Klever way of being decentralized 

Some entities, in particular the government system and financial institutions in the past, due to their perceived level of understanding, saw cryptocurrency as a threat and as a tool in the hands of the wrong people like drug syndicates, terrorists and criminals. This couldn’t be further from the actual truth. 

However, the essence of decentralization has proven them wrong as people have used the nature of the cryptocurrency to build great projects and incredible use cases to solve real-life problems. 

Klever prides itself as one of the institutions developed around the term decentralization as our entire processes are operated globally. 

All members of Klever operate globally with the team members located in every continent of the world, ensuring the services are delivered to our users from anywhere in the globe at a record speed. 

We pride ourselves to treat every transaction responsibly as each team member, administrators and moderators on the Klever platform are a micro unit of the passion found in the Klever ecosystem and company culture. 

Thus making the Klever a fully decentralized model and a worthy emulation for other projects.

The perks of being decentralized 

This has helped the Klever team to grow and develop in leaps and bounds as in the first quarter of 2021, the management team has now recruited over 100 developers and staff who work from various parts of the world to ensure our projects are delivered speedily and effectively. 

This is one of the reasons that has distinguished the Klever team as we use the benefits accrue from slack and other workspace and social media platforms to manage our staff and users in the most appropriate way possible. 

It has endeared everyone to our ecosystem, which is growing at a very rapid rate as partners are coming forward to invest their funds on projects that utilizes the blockchain to create a sense of togetherness and warmth.

In conclusion: education is an essential tool for enabling the continuous growth of any project on the crypto space, especially one that is decentralized and global in nature. 

This obviously would bring insight to people who do not have an understanding of how the power of decentralization can bring growth and development of which the Klever model is indeed a spotlight for global awareness.

Innovate with Klever.

By James Enajite

Klever Admin

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