DigiByte in Klever

An exciting and innovative project lives in the Klever ecosystem

The need for speed, low fees and security in transactions are indeed key factors for the issuance of cryptocurrencies. This has led to the creation of various coins and tokens to facilitate these factors with the main cryptocurrency being Bitcoin. 

Other cryptocurrencies started the development of their own blockchain using the source codes from Bitcoin and tweaking the same to achieve scalability and increase in block time creation.

One major unique blockchain created in this format is the DigiByte Blockchain, created in similitude to bitcoin but with an ease for cost of transaction fees on any transaction made on the blockchain. 

DigiByte is adjudged as one of the fastest cryptocurrencies with the longest UTXO chain amongst other crypto.

DigiByte coin

The DigiByte coin with the ticker DGB was created over 7 years ago by Jared Tate, an American with a passion for tamper proof transactions and improvement on previous development on the bitcoin network, worked assiduously to ensure the military grade encryption technology necessitated for the security of the DGB blockchain is maintained. 

This has ensured that DBG still remains a solid project with 100% hacker-proof status amongst the number of crypto in the space.

The DigiByte community is also very passionate about their drive and need to create adoption in the world due to its very high speed of executing transactions and low cost of transaction fees thereby making it an idle currency for cross border payment.

The DigiByte coin has also been proven to be a good platform which can be used for secure identification with the creation of the Digi-ID on the blockchain. 

This is such that with a single ID, an individual would not be required to insert or create multiple passwords on various platforms or internet sites visited as this has been proven to be the mode of authentication and also being reviewed by the European Union Blockchain society. 

The DigiByte blockchain also boasts of other features such as Digi-shield and five different mining algorithms which goes to show the level of security on the blockchain. 

DigiByte and Klever

The listing of DigiByte on the Klever platform has seen tremendous increase of awareness for the use of DGB where the speed of transaction on a flexible and secure wallet system like the Klever wallet has known no limits and bounds. 

The Klever wallet facilitates the swift transfer of tokens and coins from various blockchains on the wallet like no other in a multichain, cross platform manner known to be the best amongst the rest.

However, there is the need to ensure mass education to people all over the world for them to understand why they need to use DigiByte for their cross border and daily payment. 

And this has proven to be one of the cheapest means of moving funds globally with a seamless wallet system like the Klever wallet – life can only be better with a collaboration of such.

After all it pays to be Klever when you use the Klever wallet in a Klever way.

By James Enajite

Klever Writer

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