DOGE in Klever – The Underdog That Keeps On Surprising

Crypto’s number 1 meme coin, DOGE has risen over 244% over the past 24 hours as a result of attention from the retail investor community Wall Street Bets in their ongoing row with hedge funds.

Dogecoin (DOGE)

Dogecoin, known simply as DOGE, was originally created over seven years ago as a public joke within the Bitcoin community. Using a Shiba Inu dog as its logo, DOGE was based on an internet meme and forked from Litecoin in December 2013.

Created by Billy Markus from Portland, Oregon, and Jackson Palmer from Sydney, Australia, Dogecoin, the open-source blockchain was envisioned to be a fun and more relaxed cryptocurrency when compared to Bitcoin. DOGE use cases include being used as a tipping currency on social media platforms and other charitable use cases.

The world’s richest man, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk continue to post tweets about Dogecoin being his favorite crypto, and periodically claiming to be the “former CEO of Dogecoin.“ The tweet below by Elon Musk is from today, and reached over 43 million of his followers:

Elon Musk’s repeated mention of DOGE, combined with a light-hearted and vibrant community, heavily focused on Dogecoin memes, has pushed DOGE to new heights in price, volume, and global recognition.

According to data from, Dogecoin is currently the 10th most active blockchain in the world in terms of daily active addresses, with more than 58,000 active addresses recorded on the Dogecoin blockchain over the past 24 hours.

DOGE Reaches New ATH

On January 28, DOGE recorded several rounds of new all-time highs (ATHs) as mentions of DOGE reaching one dollar was delivered from public Reddit trading collective Wall Street Bets community in their ongoing row with hedge funds over GameStop and other stocks, as well as Robinhood for halting trading of the affected stocks for retail investors.

Dogecoin is currently ranked as the world’s 16th largest cryptocurrency, with a 24-hour trading volume of $9,5 billion, increasing over 244% in the last day alone to a market cap of $3.3 billion.

DOGE in Klever

Klever is a self-custody and decentralized p2p wallet. This means that users have total and full control of their private keys and that the Klever team cannot at any time or in any way access users’ funds or view their private keys. DOGE holders can securely hold, send, receive, charge and swap Dogecoin in Klever today.

All transaction fees paid in Klever wallet depend on the blockchain network the transaction is executed on, in this case, Dogecoin. Since the DOGE is a UTXO (Unspent Transaction Output) blockchain and creates blocks every 1 minute, Klever users have the ability to choose between Economy, Regular, or Priority when sending DOGE from the Klever app. Real-time DOGE charts, price, volume, and market cap are also directly accessible in Klever.

DOGE in Klever Swap

In our Klever Swap, which allows users to convert any coin or token to another at the push of a button, DOGE can be swapped to and from 8 coins and tokens. These include KLV, BTC, TRX, ETH, USDT-TRON, and USDT-ETH, as well as KBTC and KETH stablecoins.

Simply visit the Swap tab in the Klever app to convert DOGE and your other coins and tokens with ease, convenience, ensured privacy, high security, and precision. 


Misha Lederman

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*This article should be not be viewed as financial advice.

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