Education, a fast track to crypto adoption

In order to change people’s habits and push a new system forward, transformational education is key

Transformation in life comes with a price and usually in an informed manner.

People now look forward to getting information in every means possible to keep themselves abreast with the changing dynamics of life.

A solid way to obtain that knowledge is through methods of social engagements and educational avenues of self improvement.

There are various means or methods of educating people in our present day and time.

We have the traditional media — which includes the radio, television station and newspapers that reigned supreme from the early Nineteenth century and served as a source of information for the masses in form of news and documentaries.

Then came the advent of the internet and social media platforms. They have taken the entire world by storm and changed the dynamics of communication and education.

That transformation completely changed the way people gather information especially from the accompanying technology which includes devices like mobile phones, laptops and tablets.

However, as much as we try to educate people, only transformational educational models can really change people in reality.

We need a transformational education

There is indeed a clamour for the spread of blockchain and cryptocurrency’s technology adoption but if it is not done in a transformational manner, it could discourage new interests rather than encourage them.

That’s why we need a transformational education.

Transformational education is a strategic method of impacting or educating your followers, users and most especially new entrants into a new paradigm of knowledge. Through it, leaders encourage, inspire and motivate their followers to innovate and create change that will help grow and shape the future success of the ecosystem.

The cryptocurrency ecosystem has seen massive impact on users in recent time with a global population of over 200 million people active in crypto and over 130 million people having bitcoin wallets.

This can only be better when we deploy new strategies in getting across to the multitudes who have not been impacted by cryptocurrency by means of education.

This is the vision of the Klever team, whereby we apply various strategies to communicate our goals, mission and vision to the entire globe in our various social media platforms like Telegram, Discord, Twitter, Medium, Youtube, Facebook and so much more.

The media and communications team headed by our multi-talented, level headed Misha Lederman, rolls out educational and creative contents to engage with our users and new members in order for them to acquire some level of crypto education through our daily articles and informative channels of communication.

This will cause a transformative mindset for the new followers and users of the Klever wallet and exchange globally in a Klever way.

It pays to stay Klever.

By James Enajite

Klever Writer

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James Enajite (37)

A passionate lover of crypto and mankind with an active mind to create content to educate everyone within my sphere of influence. An entrepreneur with an open heart to accommodate young aspiring individuals to achieve their best in a global space.

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