Excellent Customer Support has the power to transform a business

Klever customer support is exemplary, fast and educational

Many factors contribute to the current and future popularity of a project among its users and prospective customers.

In order for a business to grow and succeed, a high level of customer support is necessary. Whether they are in the food and beverage industry, telecoms, or information technology, large corporations need customer support to reach and retain their customers. They contact customer service for questions or problems related to products or services.

What is customer support?

Customer support refers to a range of services that help customers make cost-effective and correct use of a product or service. A product support service may include planning, installation, training, troubleshooting, maintenance, upgrading, and disposal of a product within and outside of an organization. 

As stated below, there are various types of customer support available.

  • Proactive Support Automation: This refers to support automation solutions that minimize downtime and enable 24×7 availability. This is achieved by constant health check tracking with diagnostic procedures to enable issue monitoring and problem solving. Emerging analytics techniques including machine learning and machine reasoning further enable proactive support capabilities.
  • Preemptive Support Automation: This refers to a support solution that utilizes information that is either generated or gathered from an application or service, e.g. log files, database queries, configuration changes, etc. This information can then be exploited to predict service degradations or interruptions. The upshot of this is a higher level of service/application availability for the underlying application. Preemptive activities have helped best-in-class organizations to take cost control and customer experience to new levels, building trust and customer loyalty. The preemptive outcome effect is a sustained positive service continuity and performance effect on the targeted product behavior.
  • Organizations use Self Support Automation to provide their support structures with on-line libraries, tools, and troubleshooting solutions that can diagnosis and resolve problems and incidents automatically and precisely. Most organizations now have embedded chatbots and digital virtual assistants on their websites as emerging technologies for self-help.

While all these technologies can be automated, it would be impossible without the proactive staff and team members of the organization to ensure deliverables reach the customer or user as scheduled. Klever’s Customer Support Operations department is headed and managed by a fast-tongued Dutchman named Mathijs Bok.

Mathijs can solve problems fast because of his quick thinking. He manages a global team of 13 people who are smart, quick-witted and work 24/7 just like our AI robots, and he is indeed an excellent manager. Whenever their customers have problems, they respond quickly and with great detail. 

The response time for each ticket raised by the team is less than three minutes, making them the best in the crypto space. In addition to the above automation tools, they also connect with all our social media platforms in order to track and respond to issues of concern as soon as possible. Besides handling around 2000 tickets a month and 750 chats per month, we also ensure 94% satisfaction rates for every ticket raised by our users globally.

The graph below shows how users contacted the customer support department in the past 90 days, 53% by web ticket, 29% by email ticket, 17% by chat. 

The customer support department of Klever seems to have superhuman capabilities which some robots can’t match. In a supersonic manner, the team resolved 53% of the tickets within 1 day and 43% within 24-72 hours.

As a result, Klever users are assured that whenever there is a problem or concern, a customer service representative will be there within minutes to assist them. 

Let us know what you think about Klever’s excellent services?

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