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The world is metamorphosing into a one-stop shop where virtually everything can be done seamlessly from the comfort of our devices.

Web creativity is without question where passionate developers and designers conceive their innovative ideas. With this, people from all over the world can share and partake in their creations seamlessly.

How has the web worked previously?

The web is an integration of several computers communicating with each other over the internet based on standard protocols to enable means of communication. 

Several forms of communication with major large corporations were used for communication with their staff and offices across the world in what was termed an intranet. 

This was more or less like an internal network and communication which could not be shared with other computers across the world who are not in their network.

It was seen to be used by major corporations for sending messages through their local network to their office and staff in a secure way. 

This was transformed as more computers got connected to each other and then they need to create protocols to reach every computer in a better way no matter if the computers were not in the same network.

How was it upgraded?

The internet has become a necessity for daily living and we use it more than we ever did before. It used to be the exclusive reserve of the technologically savvy. It would require a lot of understanding of how it works back then as you were required to learn how to use the interface for communication because “the web” was more than just typing websites you visit by entering a URL in your browser.

So in essence no matter if you check your emails on your personal computer or if you’re searching on any of the search engines,  you are using the internet (the web).

There are so many intricate activities happening in the background when you enter the web address in your browser and you press the ENTER button. 

However,  modern browsers and developments have transformed the way we interact with the web and the internet in general. The massive development of the web interface now enables everyone who has access to a phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop to use the internet in a seamless manner. 

There is so much simplicity such that kids and adults alike, no matter the age, can simply type whatever they want to review or research on whatever search engine they use and get results with little effort and lightning speeds. 

What is the next level of the Internet?

The blockchain technology revolution has also added so much transformation to the way people use the internet with products coming from the stable of web developers who are ready to implement the next level of the internet (web3). 

The creativity from the formidable team of Unstoppable Domains is worthy of note in the global web space with the possibility of integrating daily web experience in a very seamless manner.

Why use the Unstoppable Domains?

Unstoppable Domains is a decentralized web hosting service that can be used for so many services. It is developed using blockchain technology to accommodate the next generation of the internet (Web3). It also facilitates the easy integration of blockchain wallets into the web domain. 

Web domains can be customized to individual names and also project names of all manner without limitation. There is also the possibility of integrating cryptocurrency wallet addresses to the web service by simply using the Unstoppable Domains platforms.

More recently the unstoppable domain has integrated the possibility of creating domain addresses that could become a Non-fungible token (NFT) such that it becomes an asset that can be attributed to an individual who is at liberty to transact the same as a commodity.

Klever + Unstoppable Domains partnership

The vision of the Klever team to make the Klever wallet a one-stop-shop for all activities which include interactive platform integration and payment solution has led to a formidable business relationship with the Unstoppable Domains team. 

Consequently, this would enable every user of the K5 wallet to be able to access seamless web activities from our wallet and users can create their own NFT domains from the comfort of the devices in a Klever way from the Unstoppable Domains interface within the Klever wallet.

It is also possible for the users to make their payments directly from their Klever wallet to associated web platforms that enable crypto payments as the feature has been made possible by the Klever development team. 

It is indeed a possibility with Unstoppable Domains and Klever.

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