Forbes highlights new crypto markets rally

On this Thursday morning (Sep. 2), the crypto markets reached levels not witnessed since May 2021

The global media finance-focused website Forbes reported that today’s crypto market rally and momentum may have been instigated by the increased adoption of cryptos from institutions and the ongoing NFT fever, leading the total crypto market to reach levels not seen since May 2021. 

The value of the cryptocurrency market surged 5% in 24 hours, surpassing $2.3 trillion in total market cap. The lead was taken by Cardano (ADA) token that reached $99 billion in market value ($3.09 a unit) and became the world’s third largest crypto behind Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC). 

Speaking of Ethereum and Bitcoin, they were not far behind in this rally. ETH surged 7% overnight reaching a four-month high (much thanks to the smart contracts craze for NFTs) and BTC went up 4%. 

Critics spoke to Forbes and reinforced the need of taking it easy when it comes to the crypto market. Also, they reminded the public of the “don’t invest more than you can afford to lose” policy. 

Read the full article by Forbes clicking here

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