Klever Global Hackathon Q2

:: The hackathon takes place every Quarter in 2022. For the first edition, registrations must take place until June 1st. Teams are welcome to submit projects anytime in advance of the July 1st deadline at 11:59 PM UTC.

Free Participation +

30,000,000 KLV

Estimated Total prize pool for the 3 Hackathons that will still take place in 2022 (Q2, Q3, Q4).​

Klever will host a series of hackathons in 2022 to promote and provide KleverChain solutions to users. During the Hackathon, teams will be able to interact with our development team to ask questions and learn how easy it is to create KleverChain applications.

Our team of judges evaluates the team's results at the end of every quarter, and the best projects will be awarded. Hackathons are remote, asynchronous, and global. Invite your developer friends to participate!

Dev Competition

Choose your category, register, and participate for free

[THE CHALLENGE] Develop new solutions for the KleverChain Explorer.
ICO/Market Place
[THE CHALLENGE] Build a revolutionary Marketplace for KleverChain.
Game / NFT
[THE CHALLENGE] Build your own Game / NFT on KleverChain. (proof of concept)
[THE CHALLENGE] Be creative and use KleverChain to create solutions.


Klever Hackathon winners have been listed below


Sky Gallery




Sena Analytics
Crypto Registry
K1 Nodes Red Nodes

Important: Klever is not affiliated with any of these projects, use at own risk.

No Competition Categories

*Players will be paid by the application if they follow Klever rules. Entries will be accepted soon.​

Content Creators
[THE CHALLENGE] Produce content like articles, videos, images, posts, and stories for the Klever community.
Bugs and Security Bounty

[THE CHALLENGE] Report bugs and security issues

Hackathon Timeline

Applications open

May 11 – Jun 1st, 2022

Competition runs

May 16 – Jul 1st, 2022

Project submission

Jul 1st, 2022

Klever Judges & Considerations

Jul 1st – Jul 14, 2022


Jul 15, 2022

Hackathon Judging Criteria

Is the code well-written, efficient, and/or technically innovative?

Is this project useful to real-world problems? Can people use it?

Is this project likely to have a meaningful impact on the world?

Is this project a complete working product for end-users?

Is your content, considered, well-written, in-depth, and insightful?


Terms and rules

Check the rules for each category and guarantee your participation.