How Klever changes lives in Nigeria

The arrival of Klever into blockchain and crypto space in the year 2020 transformed the way Nigerians interacted with crypto, and has created countless testimonies of success and dreams achieved.

Though this sounds like a myth, if you are born in the country called Nigeria, you are born to be great. This is indeed a country of people with a large heart and a massive will to succeed no matter what life throws at them. 

I have been opportune to grow up in Nigeria and witness all shades of life from the era of military dictatorship to civilian democratic era. Seeing the ups and downs of activities in life from the lens of sports, business, music, education, arts, telecommunication and almost everything that mattered, but was never deterred from achieving greatness as these challenges were more like a tonic to push for more and make a change someday in life.

The fact remains, life is indeed a metamorphosis of events for everyone who passionately wants to evolve.

Growing up in the metropolitan state of Lagos in Nigeria, young people could naturally make a choice for their path in life with the difficulties that comes with the right to survive in a climate where its poor people are seen as not deserving of the benefits of having the basic necessities of life. This includes but not limited to clean drinking water, good roads, ample health care, electricity or power, basic meals for a day, which are all stated in the UN charter for Human rights globally.

Speaking of change, it comes when there is a will and a determination to excel and achieve greatness in one’s life. 

After studying at university for a minimum of 4 years, here in Nigeria, young people often desire to make headway for themselves by venturing into small scale businesses and entrepreneurial opportunities they can lay their hands on in order to put meals on the table for themselves. This pursuit has brought out the best in young people all over Nigeria and by extension young Africans as they try to emulate or model their lives in similar patterns or similitude to Nigerian youths.

With the advent of the crypto space, a whole lot has emerged and created even more opportunities for young and old people alike. 

Tech hubs are now springing up all over the continent of Africa focusing on developing more young talents in the field of blockchain technology and related developments of which cryptocurrency has taken the front burner in the attraction of talent who see a new future unfolding.

As much as people remain focused on their life goals and dreams, the opportunities are boundless.

I would like to take a cue from the arrival of Klever into blockchain and crypto space in the year 2020, which transformed the way Nigerians interacted with crypto.

Before Klever, people had little or no knowledge of how to access cryptocurrencies seamlessly without going through the hassles of getting verified before they could use such platforms or digital assets.

This process always felt like a sour taste in the mouths of new players no matter how small or big they are in the crypto space. 

However, Klever came to the rescue and changed the lives of people globally, and Nigerians especially. People were able to create mobile wallets on their phones in simple basic steps which created even more opportunities for people to trade cryptocurrencies from the comfort of their homes and could even help to create multiple streams of passive income for the users. 

I had the privilege and opportunity to reach out to many of these new entrants and help them in changing their lives by introducing Klever wallet and the KLV token to them.

I can personally attest to the improvements in the life of people who have encountered Klever as means of transformation in their finances and their standing in society. 

So many millionaires were made from the use of the Klever platform, KLV staking as a passive income and the trading of KLV as this created the opportunity for them to receive more information about getting educated by simply doing their own research. 

This introduction created testimonies which were heart-whelming from all quarters especially all those introduced to Klever, their lives were transformed from poor and beggarly to rich and joyful hearts who became sources of inspiration to their peers, family, and communities. 

People who had no rooms of their own were able to build houses for themselves, people who could previously not pay for their studies, got funds, support and education to achieve that by simply connecting with the Klever community on the various social media platforms. 

I can remember a specific testimony of a young man who was able to plan and execute his marriage plans with his wife successfully from just being a trader in the Klever community. 

Indeed, Klever has not only transformed lives but has transformed nations and the continent of Africa in general, and the journey has just begun.

Written by James Enajite,

Klever Admin, Nigeria

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James Enajite (37)

A passionate lover of crypto and mankind with an active mind to create content to educate everyone within my sphere of influence. An entrepreneur with an open heart to accommodate young aspiring individuals to achieve their best in a global space.

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