How to buy Bitcoin?

Your go-to guide on how to purchase BTC in the Klever App! Straightforward, simple & easy: follow the steps below, and buy your cryptos fast and safe.

First things first…

The Klever wallet was made for providing beginners and advanced users the experience of managing cryptos in the easiest and safest way possible. 

So, in order to enjoy all the benefits Klever has to offer, make sure you download the Klever App on your phone through Google Play or App Store. It will change the way you view and manage your money forever!

All you need to do is follow the simple steps in the video below:

1. Open the Klever Wallet and click on “Buy Crypto With Credit Card” banner.

Once you open the wallet you have to check your identity through biometry. Then, wait until the ‘Buy Crypto with Credit Card’ banner to show up right below your crypto amount. 

2. Choose the BTC option

It should be right on top of the list. In case it’s not, just type ‘BTC’ on the search bar above.

3. Select the “USD” currency to make your input amount easier

Bitcoin fractions, or sats, can sometimes be confusing, right? So you can select the USD currency in order to make it easier to put the amount you wish to buy.  

4. Type the amount that you want to purchase and then click on ‘Next’

Type the numbers – from 50 USD up, you’re the boss. 

5. Click on the “Address Book” icon and select your BTC Main Account

Once you click on the Address Book icon, choose your BTC Main Account that is going to show up on the list of your addresses. 

6. Agree with the terms of Simplex


7. Insert your credit card data, and agree with terms and conditions

Pay attention so you don’t type any numbers or letters wrong. Then, agree with terms and conditions (preferably, read it if you can, right?). 

8. Put your personal data and click “Pay Now” to confirm the amount

Also pay attention to not make any mistakes. And, of course, check the amount.

9. For your security, you have to upload your ID document

We know sometimes it can be overwhelming, but it is important for regulatory reasons.

10. You can either take a picture from your camera ou select from your Gallery

You choose: if you’re feeling yourself, take a picture in the moment. If not, select a cool, distinctive one from the gallery. 

11. There! Once your payment request is approved, your order will be processed!

Great! You did it! 

Just wait for your Bitcoin to hit the wallet and watch its performance on your portfolio whenever you want. 

Now that you know the simple flow on how to buy Bitcoin in Klever, you can also purchase the following cryptos in that same manner: KLV, ETH, TRX, BNB, XRP, USDT, USDC, CEL and KSM.

Still have doubts? Don’t be shy! Open a support ticket with our support team at or via email to

And if you already know this, spread the knowledge! 


Maluh Bastos

Klever Writer

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