How to keep your crypto safe with Klever

The world of crypto & blockchain can at first be an uncertain & scary place, but with Klever you can feel calm as your crypto is secured.

Here’s a guide on how to keep your crypto safe in Klever app.

Security & basics of crypto accounts

In order to know how to keep your crypto safe with Klever, we first need to understand some basic fundamentals about crypto accounts themselves. A cryptocurrency or blockchain account consists of two pieces of main information, the address and the private key. 

The address is the public identification of your account. It is through the public address that you can receive coins from other people, or track transactions of an account through a blockchain explorer.

The private key is like an immutable password, and while this fact makes it very powerful, it also brings with it risks if exposed to anyone but yourself. The private key is a key that opens access to all actions and transactions in your crypto account. Whoever has the private key, has unrestricted and eternal access and control of an account.

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It is also necessary to explain that the 12 Words Seed, Mnemonic and Private Key, are basically all the same just in different representations. The 12 Words Seed, also known as Mnemonic, is simply a human-interpretable representation of your private key.

Klever is a decentralized and non-custodial wallet, which means that we empower our users by giving them all the power; only the users themselves have full custody of their private keys and their funds. Hence the expression: Your keys, your crypto. 

To summarize everything you need to do to protect your Klever account in one sentence:

Never, for any reason, ever share your Private Key or 12 Words Seed with ANYONE.

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Once you give your private key or 12 Words Seed to someone, you have given that person all the power over your crypto account. No one, no one, should ever have access to your private key beside you. 

Know the risks to stay safe

There are primarily two ways to become vulnerable and jeopardize your crypto: Hackers and Scammers.

So how can hackers access your account?

  1. A hacker can access an unprotected wallet if your device is infected.

  2. A hacker can find your private key or mnemonic if you keep it in a digital format, meaning you took a screenshot of it, wrote it up in Notes, or perhaps sent yourself an email with that sensitive information.

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We recommend to only write your 12 Words Seed or mnemonic on a physical paper, outside any digital devices, in the correct order and keep them in a safe place. A place only you know the whereabouts of. 

Also, to increase the security of your Klever app, make sure to enable your wallet security options, such as PIN code, Face ID or biometrics.

So how can scammers access your account?

  1. Using fake profiles of crypto founders or CEOs, offering rewards, participation and benefits through the form of links, fake pages or something similar. (Mainly via telegram and Facebook groups)

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  1. Impersonating someone from the official support or admin of Klever and offering help with a problem or an issue you might be having.

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So a simple rule to keep yourself safe is to only contact the support team through the official channels. You can find them through your Klever app or contact them at

Our support team will never initiate contact with any user as a policy, and we only respond when the user starts the conversation to mitigate scammers’ success. Moreover, be very careful with channels/groups that add you without your permission. It doesn’t matter what you are offered. Remember: Never send your private key to anyone. This means anyone, even if it was to a real founder, CEO or support team staff member.

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Let’s make the crypto world a safer place together.

If you found the tips in this article helpful, please do share it with your friends. And if you see any unofficial groups you might recognize as a scam, please do report them, and of course, notify the Klever team if any suspicious users approach you.

Enjoy your financial freedom with Klever by simply keeping your 12 Words Seed and private keys safe. It’s as simple as that. 


Misha Lederman

Director of Communications and Marketing at

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