How to send and receive Bitcoin in Klever Wallet

How to send and receive Bitcoin in Klever Wallet

Crypto was never easy, but Klever makes it so simple even a school-going kid or an octogenarian understands it.

Klever Wallet is one of the fastest-growing crypto wallets which has been built to make crypto simple.

When Bitcoin began to gain attention, there were many issues. Sending and receiving Bitcoin was a nightmare for new users. It was also difficult to understand how the process worked.

People used to generate a free Bitcoin wallet and, all too often, forgot their private key, which led to them losing Bitcoin, as it was very difficult to restore it and impossible to retrieve them. It is still difficult for many users to send and receive Bitcoin from their wallets.

Let me explain to you how you can send Bitcoin from Klever Wallet

  • To start with, kindly log into your Klever Wallet, if you don’t have one, download the Klever Wallet and set up an account.
  • Once you log in with your six-digit key, you will see all the tokens listed in your wallet.
  • Scroll below and go to Bitcoin, click on Bitcoin and you will come to your Bitcoin account.
  • Once you are in your account, you will see a few tabs, like Send, Receive, Scan, Charge, and Buy.

Before you send Bitcoin, you need to buy it first. You can buy on Klever with your Debit & Credit Cards within a few minutes.

Imagine you have to send Bitcoin to a friend. Click on Send and it will take you to a page where you have to decide how much Bitcoin you need to send.

When you’ve decided, you click on Next and you’ll be directed to a page where you need to add your friend’s Bitcoin address. Then you need to pay the transaction fees that are included in the amount you want to send and once that is done, click on Send. Your transaction is completed.

Receiving Bitcoin

If you want to receive Bitcoin in your Klever Wallet, kindly click on Receive and you will see your Bitcoin account that you need to share with a person, who will be sending you the Bitcoin.

You can also share the code through various social media platforms, but always remember: never share your private keys with anyone.

There are scammers that say they will double your Bitcoin: if you send one, they will send two. These are scams, never believe in those schemes.

Apart from this, Klever Wallet also offers users a few more options, like scanning Bitcoin bar code to send directly and charges the user will be paying for a specific amount.  

Sending & receiving tokens on Klever Wallet is very simple and easy and can be done in just a few steps.

Sending & Receiving other tokens

Not only Bitcoin, but users can also send and receive several tokens that include Tron (TRX), Ethereum (ETH), Binance Chain Tokenization Standard (BNB BEP-2), Binance Smartchain Wallet (BNB BEP-20), Ripple (XRP), Moonbeam (GMLR), Moonriver (MOVR), Internet Computer (ICP), Huobi (HT), Reef (REEF), Polygon (MATIC), Kusama (KSM), Polkadot (DOT), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Digibyte (DGB), Dogecoin (DOGE), Dash (DASH), Litecoin (LTC) and Syscoin (SYS).

The Wallet will soon be integrated with its own chain, which is expected to launch in Q2.

Klever Wallet is currently used by 3.5 million users globally. It also offers a Swap service, where users can swap more than 900 tokens.

Apart from swapping, Klever Wallet also allows the storage of over 10,000 various tokens on the wallet of various blockchains. It is a simple, powerful, and secure self-custody crypto wallet, supporting the world’s major blockchains.  

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