How to use the charge feature in Klever

With Klever Charge, you can accept KLV or other cryptocurrency payments instantly.

Creativity is the oil of development, as most people tend to want development without being creative. This most often stifles the vision of such individuals and corporations alike in their quest for improvement and development.

Little wonder most of the inventors of the past were known to be creative thinkers who spent most of their time analyzing the functionalities of their inventions. This in the long run has helped the inventors to be more developmental in their approach of product delivery.

The same can be said about cryptocurrency and blockchain projects where most of the project developers simply copy what other projects have done without critically analyzing the creative basis underlying the development of such a project. 

The same can not be said about the Klever team, who are more critical thinkers of the entire Klever project.

It is noteworthy of a fact that for every button or icon on the Klever app, is indeed a massive critical approach to solving a problem. This has made the Klever app a holistic tool in the hands of any user as long as you can make use of a mobile device.

What is the charge feature on the Klever Wallet app?

The charge feature is an intuitive tool embedded in the Klever Wallet for users to make payment for goods and services from the comfort of your mobile devices.

Charge is a seamless feature of the Klever Wallet app in which a QR code is created for the wallet address to be charged, where the recipient simply scans the QR code and the payer validates the transaction.

There is also the possibility of sharing the same QR code through your social media platforms and other means of communication like emails for people to receive their funds.

These are the intuitive methods properly thought about by the Klever team to ensure the simplicity of using the Klever wallet and cryptocurrency. This has been made possible for everyone, no matter your level of education and professionalism by taking away this sophistication of understanding crypto wallet.

For people who have not tried the charge feature, if you want to receive payments simply create a charge QR code in these simple steps:

  • Log into your Klever wallet

  • Select the token you want to receive the payment in (e.g KLV)

  • Type the description or purpose of the transaction.

  • Select the amount you are requesting.

  • Generate the charge QR code 

  • Share the QR code and receive payment

This tool can be used for receiving repetitive or recurring payments such as buying a sandwich or a cup of coffee in a café shop. The dealer can print out their QR codes and simply ask the customers to scan and pay seamlessly without any human interaction.

This is why the Klever team is concerned about the financial freedom for everyone and would go the extra mile to make it possible with innovative tools as the charge feature for small businesses and for individuals alike.

Simplicity is Klever   

By James Enajite
Klever Writer  

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