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KApps the new and improved DApps from Klever Finance

A KApp is not just another application, it is going to change the way DApps are built on blockchain.

Everyone knows about decentralized apps, popularly known as DApps, but KApps are going to change the way decentralized applications are built on blockchain.

KApps, K standing for KleverChain applications, is part of a new blockchain that will be launched this year. The new KleverChain is a futuristic blockchain that solves all the problems faced by various blockchains today.

Currently, there are many blockchains where DApps are deployed, but to deploy DApps are often difficult due to their complexity, the process is so tedious that many times a developer faces lots of issues in running a DApp on the blockchain after deploying. 

To develop Dapps nowadays, you need highly specialized programmers, with a lot of experience and a keen eye for information security, as unsafe applications in the Blockchain are usually an easy target for malicious hackers. 

However, KleverChain changes this and makes application deployment very simple. Applications built on KleverChain are called KApps

KApps have been built to integrate easily with KleverChain. KApps comes with pre-built, ready-to-use apps and native functionalities to the blockchain, and it is not merely a smart contracts platform.

KApps are simple 

By using KleverChain, deploying apps is very simple, as it lowers the barrier to entry and makes it easier to deploy the features developers want to build. The idea is to make the experience of creating an application so seamless that one doesn’t realize there is highly complex coding under the hood, with great technical support, intelligence, and safety.

Apps can often be difficult to deploy on blockchain networks due to their complexity and vulnerability, but this should not be the case. KleverChain will change this. By lowering the barrier to entry and making it easier to deploy the features you want, we invite a much broader community of developers and users worldwide.

All KApps will be built-in into KleverChain, allowing it to run faster, securely, and more easily for the users.

Which KApps will be available on Mainnet (and what can be done with them)?

  • KDA(Klever Digital Asset) KApp:  The ability to issue and manage a KDA and configure properties of a token, asset, or NFT.
  • Staking KApp: The ability to Stake and Claim rewards of any KDA.
  • ICO KApp: The ability to offer initial coin offering (ICO) on any KDA, offering NFT’s packs or Assets packs with lower initial prices.
  • Market KApp: The ability to create a private marketplace and/or sell and buy NFTs on any marketplace.
  • Proposal KApp: The ability for a KFI holder to create and vote on any proposed changes. 
  • Validators Kapp: The ability to register or delegate to any validator. 

How to build KApps?

Developers will be able to implement their own interface solution through the Klever OS Software Development Kit (SDK). Users will be able to interact directly via the Klever Wallet App.

Any KApps under development & use cases?

There are many KApps under development and on the roadmap of the next releases. They also solve multiple use cases which include digital assets, staking, ICO, and market.  

The future outlook of KApps involves support for all operations a blockchain could provide in a manner that it’s easy to use for users or developers.

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