Klever 2020 – A Year In Review

For the last week of the year, we at Klever are looking inwards and reviewing our progress in 2020, our plans for new platforms in 2021, and share the Klever recipe for unprecedented growth in 2020.

This is the last week of 2020 and Klever decided to do it differently this time around, and look back from the beginning of this strange yet powerful to highlight important points of our evolution over the past 12 months. 

Universally speaking, it was a difficult year for the world. With the advance of the Covid-19 pandemic that caused a global health crisis, weakening of the global economy, a high unemployment rate and countless companies closing their doors or having to adapt to what we now call the “new normal.”

But where there are crises, there are also opportunities and Klever has risen in the midst of financial chaos, as a new home for crypto assets for millions of global users through a non-custodial model.

“Simple” has been the word that sums up Klever’s evolution from the very beginning. After all, crypto is difficult, but it shouldn’t be. Millions of new crypto holders are entering the space on an increasingly rapid rate to reclaim their financial freedom. They need a simple yet powerful and constantly evolving platform to call their home. Klever is that home for 2 million users today. The simplicity we provide to all users, new and old, will enable tens of millions to join the Klever ecosystem in the years to come.

When we speak of evolution, we mean the transformation from a crypto wallet to a complete ecosystem, that always brings exciting new features, and today it’s so far from a mere crypto app for holding and sending coins.

So we hope you enjoy Klever’s evolution in 2020, and we sure hope that you’ve prepared yourselves for what’s coming ahead in 2021, our most significant year yet.

Klever Updates

Throughout 2020, Klever was always bringing new updates and building the new features of the Klever App based on the requests, feedback and needs of our community of global users. A quick side note is that Klever is now used and downloaded in every country of the world, a milestone in and of itself. Except North Korea that is. 

Klever Update 4.0.6

The Klever 4.0.6 Update was one of the biggest and most comprehensive upgrades in the history of the Klever wallet ecosystem, by adding four of the most widely used blockchains (LTC, DGB, DOGE & DASH), in addition to Bitcoin (BTC), TRON (TRX) and Ethereum (ETH) already supported.

We also introduced the wrapped BTC and ETH tokens, KBTC and KETH respectively, which allow for significantly faster and cheaper transactions for BTC and ETH users today. Meanwhile, a new fiat on-ramp in partnership with Transak.com invited new and seasoned users to buy crypto directly in the app.

Besides, a new and more elegant Klever Browser experience that simplified the user experience to allow users to access trusted and useful blockchain products at the click of a button was fielded.

Klever Update 4.0.9

The Klever 4.0.9 Update represented a significant evolution as Klever introduced support for Binance Chain and BNB coin, as well as highly requested Swap pairs for major coins such as LTC, DGB, DOGE, and Dash. 

Also, we integrated Travala (AVA) token as part of our strategic partnership with travala.com to enable a seamless experience booking travels with crypto. We also built and launched a new and useful option to display all values in 167 different local currencies.

Klever Update 4.1.0

Klever’s last major update brought two of the most requested features from the Klever community over the years, which are an easy and quick way to buy crypto directly in the app, as well as secure and fast access to Ethereum-based dapps in the Klever browser.

This update also added support for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain, introduced a new chart option for major currencies and tokens, added a custom fee for sending crypto, and also allowed Klever users to rate tokens inside the app.

Klever News

Klever News is an exciting feature introduced in the 4.0.10 update, that offers a combination of news from the crypto world, original content from the Klever team, and trusted blockchain data directly to our users seamlessly in the Klever app.

In 2020, Klever Team published several articles, from original content to breaking news from the crypto and blockchain world

The top 3 most-read articles made us reflect on where the industry is heading from the impact of this year.

New Blockchains

Also in 2020, Klever added support for the major and most widely used blockchains protocols in the world.

Klever now supports:

  • Bitcoin – BTC

  • Ethereum – ETH

  • Tron – TRX

  • Binance – BNB

  • Digibyte – DGB

  • Doge – DOGE

  • Dash – DASH

  • Litecoin – LTC

  • Ripple – XRP

  • Bitcoin Cash – BCH

And now you can choose between 10 main coins, 2 stable coins USDT(ERC20) & USDT(TRC20), KLV with options of wrapped KBTC & KETH, and more than 100+ ETH-based & TRX-based tokens, to hold, send, receive, charge, and swap, all inside Klever App.

KLV Staking

49,8% of all KLV is today staked & frozen inside the Klever App, an incredible achievement for such a young token. Today, 2.14B $KLV is staked out of 4,29B coins in circulation. There’s only 1 day left to join thousands of others in staking you KLV at 12% APR! On Jan 1, 2021, the new rate will be 10%.

Exchange Listings

In 2020, Klever’s native token (KLV) was listed on several exchanges, opening the market globally. Here’s where you can trade KLV today:

  • Digifinex – available pairs: KLV/BTC, KLV/USDT, KLV/ TRX

  • Bittrex – available pairs: KLV/BTC, KLV/USDT

  • Bitrue – available pairs: KLV/BTC, KLV/XRP

  • Trontrade – available pairs: KLV/TRX

  • PoloniDEX – available pairs: KLV/TRX

Buy Crypto In-App

The last major update of Klever (v4.1) this year, completed an integration with leading payment processor Simplex, providing a global fiat onramp for cryptocurrency users. The KLV token and the main cryptocurrencies such as BTC, KLV, ETH, TRX, and XRP can be purchased inside the Klever app by the platform’s 1.8 million users, and soon, new crypto assets will be added.

The integration between the two companies entailed joint collaboration for several months to ensure that the final product was seamless and easy to use, lowering the barriers to purchasing cryptocurrency inside Klever.


Nobody goes far without friends and partners, everyone needs partnerships, just as the crypto community needs to be more united to continue to conquer more and more space in the mainstream legacy world of finance. This is the Klever way, and that’s why we always pursue and join in win-win partnerships this year.

We want to especially thank the our partners that joined the Klever family.

  • Simplex – As a result of this partnership, Klever users can now enjoy access to a secure and intuitive in-app interface for crypto purchasing. Learn more…

  • Travala – This strategic partnership entails four cross-platform integrations, including adding KLV as a future payment option for 2.2 million hotels and homes worldwide. Learn more…

  • ZeelaPay – The partnership includes adding the KLV token for future purchase and sales on all ZelaaPay’s POS devices, ZPAE using Klever as its default wallet, and promoting the usage of Klever throughout the Middle East among other cross-platform integrations. Learn more…

  • Gokhshtein Media – A trusted partner that brings more quality content, relevant news, and insights about the crypto and blockchain world for our community. Read the first article.

The Future is Bright

Talking about the future can sometimes be enigmatic, but when you have a solid strategy and really believe in your vision, the future becomes just a matter of time.

What’s ahead

2021/Q1 & Q2 – Klever Exchange Beta, Klever Browser (Mobile & Desktop)

2021/Q2 – Klever Exchange, Klever Browser for Desktop, Klever Blockchain Testnet 

2021/Q3 – Klever Bank Launch

2021/Q4 – Klever Blockchain Mainnet Launch

Beyond the Roadmap, Klever also launched the Klever Blockchain Whitepaper to the public, with the main objective of introducing Klever Finance as a trusted permissioned blockchain network for the emerging decentralized economy, by providing a safer, faster and smarter crypto experience for all users globally. 

With so many advances in such a short time, perhaps you might be wondering, what is the recipe for Klever’s success? And here’s part of the answer:

“Over the past decade, we at Klever.io have spent all of our energy, passion and time to build blockchain solutions for millions of users worldwide. Today, to maintain the Klever App’s p2p wallet operations, we operate dozens of blockchain nodes on multiple major blockchains.

With this continuous learning experience embedded deeply into our team, we are building the Klever Blockchain with expertise, knowledge and an open mind to deploy the most applicable technologies in terms of security, accessibility, performance and scalability.”

We at Klever wish our global community of 2M users a prosperous 2021, and we hope that you will continue to value your financial freedom, freeing yourselves from bank custody and government bureaucracy by placing your assets within a safe ecosystem, where you can use it whenever, and however you want.

Happy New Year!

And don’t forget to hold your crypto securely in a Klever way. 

Klever.io – Your keys, your crypto.


Klever.io Team

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