Klever App is live on App Store & Google Play

The 4th generation crypto wallet Klever is now available for download on iOS & Android.

The 4th generation crypto wallet Klever is now available for download on iOS & Android. Klever is built on the groundbreaking new Klever OS technology, and along with countless new features, upgrades, and improvements. In-app Staking of KLV token at 16% APR has now gone live to the public. Additionally, a completely new and upgraded website in klever.io has also been launched.

Klever App — What’s New?

Klever App is the 4th generation crypto wallet system developed and designed by the team behind TronWallet, and is an expanded and improved crypto wallet in every aspect of its features, services, use cases, speed, reliability, and underlying technology.

Klever is a multi-chain wallet and fully integrated with the Bitcoin (BTC), Tron (TRX), and Ethereum (ETH) blockchains, with more chains to be added directly after launch. Klever supports thousands of TRC10, TRC20, and ERC20 tokens in its wallet. An innovative new feature of Klever is that it allows the user to save BTC, ETH, and TRX contacts and addresses directly in the cloud.

Additional support for the world’s top blockchain protocols will be integrated one by one into Klever directly following the app’s launch. This rollout for support of new chains will be combined with strategic partnerships with blockchain foundations as well as easily accessible education on those particular public chains’ properties, benefits, speed, and general use cases, aimed at raising awareness and usage among our user base.

The built-in Klever Browser has been optimized in terms of speed, reliability, and user experience, and allows our rapidly expanding global user base (260k daily active users + 760k total users and rising) to access the world of blockchain dapps directly and seamlessly inside the app. The Klever Browser also comes with improved Browser landscape mode and the app directs all links inside the app to the Klever Browser, following our philosophy of making Klever an All-In-One crypto app.

New Design = New Experience

Klever App also enjoys a completely new and upgraded design and user interface (UI), all aimed at making the user experience (UX) simple, intuitive, enjoyable, and useful on a completely new level, when compared to prior crypto wallets. This also includes a new light theme option, in addition to our well-known standard dark theme.

Klever enjoys a whole set of new and improved screen layouts, including a new Portfolio screen, new Token Filter screen, new Request screen design, new Select Account option on Balance screen, new Receive screen layout, new Payment screen design, a new Settings screen, new Distribution screen, new Balance screen, new Transaction List layouts, and a new Transaction Detail screen layout, to mention a few.

In an effort to combat the prevalence of scams and ponzi schemes in the crypto space, the Klever team has implemented a High-Risk pop-up message warning for suspect sites inside the Klever Browser. This means that any user entering a website suspected of being a High-Risk dapp with clear community data indicating that it is a suspected ponzi scheme or scam, will see a warning, be given the option to go back to safety and recommended to leave. In the decentralized economy, it is however up to the user to make that choice.

Tutorial video on how to import your TronWallet accounts into the new Klever App:

To restore your TronWallet accounts in your newly downloaded Klever App, simply input your 12 Words Seed from your TronWallet in the Klever App.

Klever Swap

Klever Swap is one of the cornerstones of the Klever ecosystem. The Swap feature enables users to exchange over 100 coins, tokens, and cryptocurrencies directly inside the Klever app with the click of a button. There are currently over 300 trading pairs in the Klever Swap, supporting coins and tokens from Tron, Ethereum, and Bitcoin blockchains, thereby taking inter-chain operability to a new and simplified level.

The KLV token is the fuel that powers the Klever Swap tool since it is used to pay Swap fees, reduce Swap fees, and enables VIP tier base fee discount by simply holding KLV. Meanwhile, every Swap fee paid in any other coin or token besides KLV is instantly converted to KLV to pay for those fees. This effectively defines KLV as the energy that keeps the Swap engine running.

The Swap tool is powered by autonomous bots, which are built, maintained, and updated by our own engineers in-house. These bots continuously seek the lowest and best prices on exchanges and then execute buy and sell orders instantly. Over the past 24 hours, the Klever Swap engine processed over 10,900 individual swaps from our users, handling a trading volume exceeding 1.59 million USD. These numbers prove that Klever Swap is built to scale.

Klever Staking & KLV token

Klever App has a completely new in-app Staking feature. This allows our users to stake KLV and get rewarded for supporting numerous Klever projects going forward. The user can stake just by pressing a button.

Stake KLV token inside the Klever App Staking feature during the first 30 days after Klever launch, and keep it frozen and staked for one whole year, and you will earn 16% in annual interest rate.

The KLV Staking feature will increase the current circulating supply by using an inflationary smart contract. The goal is to reward users that are staking KLV to support the project. All fees from the Swap tool are converted into KLV by buying off the market. Every week we will burn KLV based on the KLV swap fees collected.

The Staking feature will however not be limited to KLV and TRX staking. Klever will soon deploy staking support for additional coins and tokens for our users to stake inside the app. Many of these supported staking options will be enabled through partnerships between Klever and industry-leading companies in credit and lending, while other staking opportunities are the result of Klever team’s joint development and cooperation with several different top blockchain foundations.

Klever OS & Security

The Klever App and the entire Klever Ecosystem is built on a groundbreaking new underlying technology called Klever Operating System (OS). Klever OS completely redefines wallet security, by adding another layer of advanced and encrypted security mechanisms to all Klever products, services, and platforms.

Meanwhile, Klever OS enables any developer to integrate a blockchain wallet seamlessly into their own application, thereby being able to run a smart and secure wallet inside their apps, clouds, servers, hardware, smartphones, mobile devices, and wearables.

Klever OS, built entirely in-house by our own developers with over 100,000 accumulated hours of research and development, rethinks and rebuilds the core wallet system to replace today’s crypto wallet solutions, and bring to the user advanced security on an entirely new level.

Klever OS use of advanced security mechanisms completely protects the user’s private keys and makes private keys and sensitive data available only on the user’s specific device, utilizing the latest military-grade technology for encryption.

Klever Bank

A new component of the Klever Ecosystem revealed during the AMA on August 27th is Klever Bank, which is the result of extensive research to bring mass adoption to the crypto world. We want to bring the user the best experience possible, and creating a local bank that can safely hold your crypto makes a lot of sense to us. Klever Bank enables people that don’t know anything about crypto to participate in this new economy in a safer and simpler way.

To start this plan we have found a reliable and reputable partner in a new bank in Brazil to validate the model and services provided.

We are also happy to reveal that we are partnering with a pioneering bank that will support our operations to offer pre-paid credit cards and digital bank accounts. Our goal is to move quickly to expand the products and services of Klever Bank to more countries beyond the borders of Brazil in the coming months. We see the model behind Klever Bank as a game-changer for the entire crypto industry.

A Klever future

There is an ongoing paradigm shift in the global financial system, and we are convinced that blockchain and cryptocurrencies will play a pivotal role in shaping the nature of money in the coming years and decades. We are proud to have hosted a successful In-App Offering (IAO) of the KLV token between August 20–24, during which Klever was able to raise 1.54 million USD, directly through p2p community crowdfunding. By cutting out the middlemen and 3rd parties from the process, the Klever project is utilizing blockchain to advance a more fair system of fundraising, individual financial freedom and empowerment, decentralization, and personal ownership, while advancing blockchain education to foster smarter investors among our users. With this in mind, Klever will also be implementing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning tools to assist users to become smarter and more informed investors

With this newly injected community funding, the Klever Team will work swiftly to undertake several innovative projects. These include Klever Exchange, which will support over 1 million transactions per second and introduce numerous improvements from today’s user experience on other standard exchanges. Meanwhile, our in-house development entity Klever Labs, will build, develop, and deploy its first project Klever Browser in 2020–21, followed by Klever Blockchain in 2021.

The future is a world of endless opportunities, and new technologies allow us to build incredible and interconnected paths across borders, cultures, and barriers, something that was utterly unimaginable in the past. The Klever Team is confident yet humbled by the challenges we face. Our ambitious philosophy allows us to explore the unknown and bring new solutions to age-old problems.

Klever App also comes with the launch of a completely new, revamped and upgraded website in klever.io, on which users can get all updated information on the Klever Ecosystem, calculate their earnings from Klever Staking, read FAQs, open tickets with Klever Support and much more. Join us in our journey by downloading the Klever App for iOS or Android in the links below, and visit klever.io to read more about the project.


Klever.io Team

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