Phase One

Set up the validator environment and get familiar with the Klever network

Phase Two

Following the reset of the testnet, you will have 24 hours to set up your node. 

Phase Three

In order to test our staking mechanisms, you will undertake various tasks to test Klever Chain.

Phase Four

Validators will engage in various activities to help inform the Klever community etc.

Validator Leaderboard

The scoreboard was updated on 10th April 2022. These scores will be updated on a weekly basis. As more validators join and as more challenges unfold the validators’ scores will be updated. New validators can complete the previous week’s challenges and join the scoreboard.

validators_1 (2)

Validators Campaign

Klever testnet is a series of competitive challenges where validators can learn, prepare, and earn points in order to prepare for the upcoming mainnet. The testnet will be divided into 4 phases, each testing a different aspect of validating and securing the Klever blockchain network.

Earn Points

During each phase, you will earn points by completing network and community tasks. The number of points a validator earns is a measure of the validators readiness.


Access Support

The Klever team will provide all validators with technical support on our Discord channel, weekly information updates, and announcements for the start of each phase.

Spread the Word

Validators are encouraged to rally in the community, spread the word, and get as many validators as possible involved in the battle.


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