Klever Exchange Beta Launch – Become A Beta Tester Today!

Klever Exchange beta is finally here! Klever will be choosing thousands of Klever Exchange beta testers for the iOS & Android apps. Submit your request to become beta tester at klever.io/en/beta now.

After more than 3 years of research and product development, the Klever Exchange beta is finally ready for public testing!

The idea behind Klever Exchange is fully based on providing a simple, intuitive and powerful user experience where anyone can trade, with unmatched speed and advanced security architecture to fully protect user funds.

Submit your request to become a Klever Exchange beta tester by clicking the banner in Klever app’s Portfolio Screen or simply visit klever.io/en/beta.

Klever will start sending out invites to chosen beta testers with access to Klever Exchange beta from May 5.

As a show of confidence in Klever Exchange as a product, Klever has decided to expand the initial 100 iOS and 100 Android beta testers to thousands of beta testers who will be invited to test closer to official exchange launch. These exclusive beta testers will be given the opportunity to test and optimize what is set to become the fastest exchange on the market, able to process 3 million transactions per second.

Klever Exchange was born to become a home to users who are completely new to crypto trading by providing a simple user experience, while enabling powerful features to experienced traders through market-leading speed, ironclad security and world-class support.

“Klever is not building a crypto wallet. We are building the infrastructure for a public financial system based on decentralized technologies. The Klever Exchange plays a fundamental role as the engine in that ecosystem.”

Dio Ianakiara, CEO of Klever

All features and concepts deployed on Klever Exchange are built and designed with the end users in mind. This includes both users that are taking their first steps in the world of crypto and do not yet understand how crypto trading exactly works, but at the same time providing advanced tools for more seasoned traders to profit and benefit from. 

Klever.io has grown rapidly over recent months to now serve over 150,000 daily active users, more than half a million monthly active users and record 3 million downloads worldwide, providing our users with a seamless experience of self-banking and self-custody. 

Many of our users have for a long time been requesting a secure, simple and versatile crypto exchange that they can trust and feel at home in. It is with their feedback and years of research that we are launching Klever Exchange in Q2 2021 for mobile (iOS & Android), and for web in Q3 2021. 

Klever Exchange is the evolution of our goal to provide our users a seamless, secure, stable and incredibly fast trading experience, and is based on over 3 years of industry research and product development.

Able to handle over 3 million transactions per second through the innovative use of autonomous order books, Klever Exchange will be a centralized crypto-to-crypto exchange with a clear emphasis on ironclad security, high performance, seamless user experience and usability through easily accessible features.

Klever Exchange sets out an ambitious plan to make crypto trading simple, powerful and accessible to all, and aims to take the world of crypto to the next level. The launch of Klever Exchange will be a game changer for the entire ecosystem and the KLV token, which will be playing a central role in not just the exchange, but all products and platforms in the Klever world of apps.

You can read more about the Klever Ecosystem at klever.io and about Klever Blockchain at klever.finance.

Sign up for Klever Exchange beta access at klever.io/en/beta.


Klever Team

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