Klever Exchange Launching in Q1 – The Game Changer for the Klever Ecosystem

The upcoming launch of Klever Exchange is part of an ambitious plan to make crypto trading simple, powerful and accessible to all, and will be a game changer for the Klever ecosystem & KLV.

When we at Klever set out to build a completely new crypto ecosystem based on our shared values of truth, transparency, accessibility, usability and individual ownership, the idea behind Klever.io and KLV was born.

Driven by a deep calling to satisfy our 2.3 million global users’ wants and needs, a relentless passion for developing new, innovative and useful products, and backed by our team’s accumulated decades’ long experience in developing fintech and blockchain technology, the Klever ecosystem is starting to take its true shape.

The ecosystem’s future structure and interconnectivity between its platforms and main components, with all products to be fueled by the KLV Coin as its main engine, is becoming more clear for each day that passes. This is especially true for us in the team, and we wanted to share some of this clarity with you, our ever-growing community of Klever users from literally all corners of the world.

Klever Ecosystem

The Klever ecosystem today consists of three main components: Klever App, Klever OS (Operating System) and Klever Swap.

The current offering of products from Klever is just the tip of the iceberg.  The entire development team, comprised of over 50 developers and growing daily, are in the process of building and optimizing four additional major platforms:

The focus of today’s article will be on Klever Exchange, the ambitious trading platform set to launch as a new app for a global mobile Android and iOS audience this quarter, and for web and desktop in Q3 2021.

Klever Exchange sets out an ambitious plan to make crypto trading simple, powerful and accessible to all, and aims to take the world of crypto to the next level. The launch of Klever Exchange will be a game changer for the entire ecosystem and the KLV token, which will be playing a central role in not just the exchange, but all products and platforms in the Klever world of apps.

Klever Exchange

Klever Exchange is the evolution of our goal to provide our users a seamless, secure, stable and fast trading experience, and is based on over 3 years of industry research and development. Able to handle over 1 million transactions per second, Klever Exchange will be a centralized crypto-to-crypto exchange (CEX) with a clear emphasis on advanced security,  high performance, seamless user experience and usability through easily accessible features.

Our team has been and continues to be guided by three main focuses in mind when constructing the building blocks for the Klever Exchange: 

  • Firstly, iron clad and advanced security measures protecting Klever traders against any malicious external attacks. 

  • Secondly, a user experience centric approach to make the trading experience as enjoyable, elegant, intuitive, profitable and fast as technologically possible. 

  • Thirdly, regulatory compliance in any and all legal jurisdictions that Klever Exchange will be operational as a top priority.

Klever Exchange will later this year be using the upcoming Klever Blockchain and the apps running natively on the Klever Blockchain for increased efficiency and optimized performance. This future integration will make the exchange be closely intertwined with the Klever ecosystem as a whole while being able to utilize the speed, native apps and wide array of future stablecoins and K-Tokens that will be running on Klever Blockchain.

You can get a sneak peek of the Klever Exchange testing environment in the video below:

KLV’s Role in Klever Exchange

We in the Klever team are creating a seamless and high-performance trading engine for the exchange, which means reliability and scalability will be the future experience and assurance for all Klever users and traders.

The KLV Coin will play a major role in the Klever Exchange and will be the fuel that powers the exchange’s trading engine. For instance, KLV will be utilized to pay for trading fees, reduce trading fees, participate in mining pools and staking, while all coins and tokens that will be listed on Klever Exchange will of course have a key trading pair with KLV. 

Moreover, market makers will also be rewarded by adding to liquidity pools, and KLV will be used as liquidity for other tokens. 

We are very excited to soon launch Klever Exchange to the public, a product that will significantly improve and enhance the trading experience of more than 2.3 million users worldwide currently active in the Klever wallet ecosystem.

Klever App

To comprehend the future impact of Klever Exchange, one must first understand that Klever App is the main mobile hub of the entire ecosystem, and the exchange will expand the use cases of today’s Klever App for millions of users globally. With the current Klever App, users worldwide are able to buy, sell, send, receive and store the coins of 10 major blockchains and tens of thousands of subtokens.

Klever App offers seamless staking of KLV at 10% APR and TRX at 6% inside the app with hourly rewards, while enabling users to access countless decentralized apps (Dapps) in the built-in web 3.0 mobile Klever Browser. The Klever Exchange’s first version will initially launch for a mobile audience in Q1, with a subsequent web version to follow in Q3.

Klever Exchange Security

The advanced security of the entire Klever ecosystem, including Klever Exchange, is built on the foundation of Klever Operating System (OS). Klever OS ensures secure signing of transactions, and military grade encryption to comprehensively protect users’ private keys and sensitive data. 

The Klever Exchange wallet security architecture has been optimized by Klever’s engineers for more than three years, as the highest level of security mechanism protecting our user’s funds and data is and always will be our number one priority, independent of which platform we are building or launching in the Klever Ecosystem. To clarify, security comes ahead of all other considerations and components in our development process and methodology. 

Klever OS also enables our developers to integrate new blockchain protocols with higher speed and security. Moreover, Klever OS will soon be launching a Software Development Kit (SDK) which will allow developers to deploy the Klever wallet infrastructure directly into their app, websites, dapps, wearable devices and more.

Klever Swap

Klever Swap is an essential component of Klever App and will play a major role in the Klever Exchange as well, as the swap native Klever Swap engine provides our users a convenient, simple, fast and secure tool to convert 10 blockchain coins and over 40 tokens based on Ethereum, Tron and the Binance blockchains.

With the simple click of a button, anyone, anywhere, at any time, 24 hours a day, can utilize our Klever Swap to convert Bitcoin, ETH, TRX, KLV, BNB or any other top coin or token to another with high security, precision and speed. This Swap experience will be extended and adapted for the exchange as well.

Stay tuned for the upcoming Klever Exchange Whitepaper, which will give a more comprehensive picture of the exchange’s underlying security, trading engine architecture and unique features that will make Klever Exchange stand out in a competitive industry. The Whitepaper is set to be released shortly ahead of the official mobile launch of Klever Exchange. 


Misha Lederman

Director of Communications at Klever.io

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