Klever Exchange to launch new NFT features

From 17 January, users will be able to deposit, withdraw, sell and buy NFTs on the Klever Exchange platform.

In order to provide more unique services, Klever Exchange will be rolling out a new service that will allow users to deposit, withdraw, buy & sell their NFTs.

The feature will allow users to connect their wallets and list NFTs on the platform. Additionally, the platform will have a web3 integration that will allow the user to connect directly with Klever Wallet (coming soon), Wallet Connect, Tronlink, and many more. 

Connect Wallet

Giving out more details on this, Felipe Rieger, Product Manager for Klever Exchange and Head of NFT said, “The feature will be live on 17 January 2022. Apart from trading on NFTs, users can also trade cryptocurrency with a single Klever ID account.”

Klever Exchange has enabled the NFT marketplace on their platform, which will solve an issue that previously existed regarding the availability of NFTs for trading. NFTs have become a very important development area within the crypto world, as there are new projects being launched every day.

NFTs can be created on various blockchains, but the higher gas fees are a concern for creators, collectors, and buyers and Klever Exchange solves this problem.

Asking Rieger about fees on Klever, he said, “Klever NFT Marketplace is a centralized marketplace, that means the custody of the NFTs stay with us. So, the user doesn’t pay Blockchain fees to list, bid or buy NFTs. The seller of the NFT just pays a very low fee only once the order is concluded, not like Ethereum and decentralized Marketplaces, where huge gas fees are charged for listing, bidding or transferring NFTs through smart contracts.”

NFT Collections

To start with, Klever NFT Marketplace will start with Devikins NFTs collection and later roll out to other NFT collections. However, the exchange still does not allow users to create NFTs or mint it, as we are focusing on curated content of NFTs selected by our team. Once KleverChain main net is live, we will think about it, Rieger adds.

KleverChain is expected to be launched on 31 March 2022. 

As soon as the launch occurs, Devikins NFT collectors can start depositing and listing their NFTs on the Klever NFT Marketplace inside our Exchange, an online marketplace that is accessible to over 3.5 million users worldwide, allowing them to reach a large audience.  

Any artwork that can be digitally created is termed an NFTs. Recently, Twitter founder’s CEO Jack Dorsey has sold his first tweet for millions of dollars, many of the NFTs have been sold in millions by established auction houses such as Southey’s, Christie’s, others.

In 2021, NFTs have gained traction, as the majority of crypto projects have launched NFTs, and 2022 will be the year, where NFTs can be negotiated Kleverly and with ease.

Jagdish Kumar

Klever Writer

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