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Frequently Asked Questions

The swap feature is still in development and aligned with the Klever Wallet, K5 roadmap. Klever Extension will release swap features once the technology has stabilized in K5.

We currently support TRON (TRX, KLV, DVK, USDT), BTC, ETH (ETH, USDT), BSC, and KLV (KLV, KFI) in this first release. We intend to support all Klever wallet blockchains (and tokens) in the future.

A detailed roadmap is available for all our products. Visit our roadmap here

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Whether you use a browser extension or a mobile app, Klever now offers you everything you need to manage your digital assets securely.

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Klever Extension is a simple and secure way to access blockchain-based applications. While interacting with blockchain-based applications, you will always be in control.

100% Private Swap

The cryptocurrency Swap is a major function of Klever and its blockchain ecosystem. Klever's Swap allows users to seamlessly exchange coins or tokens from one blockchain to another (e.g. BTC to TRX or ETH) with 100% privacy and unrivaled speed.

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