Klever Hackathon Event Kicks Off On December 17

The first ever Klever Internal Hackathon brings together over 40 developers in the Klever team to create fresh ideas, new products and innovate the way we work, think and execute new features.

Klever.io is launching its annual Klever Internal Hackathon Event today, December 17, kicking off the 3-day long event.

To push the boundaries of what we ourselves believe is possible, Klever.io is hosting an internal Hackathon for our more than 40 developers globally to create new innovation, products and technological application.

The Klever Hackathon brings together 10 teams consisting of multi-disciplinary Klever developers, working together to create fresh ideas, new products and innovate the way we work, think and execute new features.

Klever CEO Dio Ianakiara said about the Klever Hackathon:

The biggest challenge is within ourselves and the goal is for our team to push themselves to the next level. Inspire the whole team to build something amazing.

If you want, you can always improve. Take ownership and make it happen. Find the best version of ourselves. Evolve, learn and innovate.

The Klever Hackhaton is a unique opportunity for growth as a person as a professional and as a great team experience. Prove to ourselves that we go the extra mile.”

Dio continued:
For every team in the challenge, there is an even bigger challenge than the hackathon itself, which is the internal challenge. One great hurdle to overcome is to have excellent communication between the team members, and the team that has the best communications internally will likely excel in the Klever Hackathon.”

Each team in the Klever Hackathon have one hour to internally decide what they will be building over the coming three days, and formalize the challenge they will deliver to the Mentor and Support team, consisting of Klever’s Managers and Directors. The idea is for the Support team to navigate, offer assistance and guidance to the 10 teams throughout the entire duration of the Klever Hackathon.

Klever CTO Bruno Campos stated excitedly:

”The first ever Klever Hackathon is a milestone, both inside and outside the Kelver team. Because for the first time in years, we simply stopped to do our daily tasks, and for three days straight we are going to open our ears and minds to our own team, bringing new ideas to solve old problems for our users.”

We will keep you updated on what comes out of the Klever Hackathon, so make sure to subscribe to Klever News by clicking the button below to never miss an update.


Misha Lederman

Director of Communications and Marketing at Klever.io

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