Klever Heroes: A young man changes lives with just $80 and a Klever dream

Prince Adjei is from Ghana and helps various projects with an initiative that get donations in KLV and converts it to the most needed in his community.

What usually inspires you? 

Is that a person? A story? A piece of art? 

Has someone or something influenced you in such a way that you made moves towards changing? 

Well, I don’t know about you, but for me, people are the source of my inspiration. Their attitudes make me want to do better – whether it is by doing the same or the complete opposite that they did. 

The human spirit is capable of altering realities, adapting to difficulties, and making true-life miracles.

Before we get to this interview, as I was writing this intro, I remembered a really good movie that I’m sure most of us have already seen (if you haven’t, please do): ‘Bruce Almighty’ with the legendary Jim Carrey. 

In this movie, Carrey’s character is a journalist and when everything in his life fails, he throws a tantrum at God, yelling that He is not fair and if He’s truly powerful He oughta show his power to Bruce (Jim Carrey). 

Moments after that he finds himself in a building with a janitor that presents himself as God (Morgan Freeman). 

Long story short, the most powerful message that God conveys to Bruce, which the journalist learns through the movie is: if you want a miracle; be a miracle. 

But not crazy, ookie-spookie miracles. 

In this movie, the God character shows us what “true-life miracles” are: a single mother working double shifts to provide for her children amongst violence; a kid who strives in life and coming from poverty becomes a doctor through education; a person who, deliberately and with no obligation whatsoever, helps someone to carry their groceries. 

Or even – detouring from the movie plot a bit – a person who earns less than $80 per month and organizes a massive donation to several people such as widows, children, and the less fortunate in the country of Ghana in Africa

Well, this is not a movie, nor a miracle of multiplication. This is Prince Adjei’s story. 

I talked to this young natural-born leader that uses his passion for technology and for the Klever Ecosystem and community to help others. 

I hope you enjoy it and be inspired as I am. 

Name: Prince Adjei

Age: 27 years

Born in: Dadeasi in the Ashanti Region of Ghana

Lives in: Ahenema Kokoben (Ghana)

Profession/occupation: Not fully employed, currently

 in charge of a family friend’s business

Maluh: Prince Adjei (awesome name, by the way), first of all, it is a pleasure to talk to you, even from a virtual platform and so far away. Can you introduce yourself really quickly to our readers? 

Prince Adjei: First of all, thank you for giving me this opportunity. My name is Prince Adjei. I am from one village in Ghana called Dadeasi. I am 27 years old and I will be 28 in July. 

I am a graduate of the University of Education, Winneba-Ghana (Bachelor of Business administration in Human Resources). 

I am from a nuclear family of 7 (Father, mother, and 4 siblings). 

I am a guy who always tries to get things done by myself. Someone who loves tech loves kids and loves to help others. I am a shy guy too (laugh)

Maluh: Awesome! Getting straight to the point: how did you get into crypto? What was your first contact with it and what caught your attention? 

P.A: Okay, I got into crypto through a friend I had in network marketing. 

We met on telegram and he liked the way I was marketing my team in various groups. So he introduced some marketing strategies to me where I did some tasks and got rewarded in cryptos for it. 

Maluh: Before cryptocurrency, how was your relationship with money? Were you always someone looking for an investment opportunity or it wasn’t something that never crossed your mind? 

P.A.: Since childhood, I do not joke about investment. I am someone who always looks for investment opportunities. 

I remember in 2018, there was an investment company called icenter. I invested a lot with this company as they were accepting bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. 

It was very profitable but later they told us they had been hacked and I lost my entire savings there – this nearly killed me! 

Since then I have taken it upon myself to advise people to stay away from investment companies.

If you want to invest, buy and stake your coin in their own wallet or on their own website. No third-party investment platforms. 

Maluh: How has crypto changed your perception of finances? How do you feel about crypto and blockchain technology nowadays, as opposed to what you thought in the beginning? Did your mind change about anything?  

P.A: In fact, I am always positive about crypto and blockchain. 

I love to see new things in tech. 

It’s quite unfortunate where I found myself. I believe if I was in a different setting from childhood, by now I would have been an expert in the tech industry. 

I loved how it works from the first day I was introduced to it and started sharing what I know with people around me.

Maluh: And how did you know about Klever and what caught your attention with Klever? 

P.A.: I got to know Klever through Twitter. 

I love technology and always want to be with tech people. I am a fan of Elon Musk. I used to come on Twitter to see the wonderful things he was doing. 

I came across Klever one day and bought $10 worth of it on Coinex. That was what I could afford at that time. I got only 100 KLV. I searched for Klever on Twitter and followed the account. 

I am a guy who always thinks “the best person to help you is yourself” so I started tweeting about Klever. 

The idea was that when people get to know Klever, adoption will be high and when there is mass adoption, it affects price positively. 

Also, when the KLV price increases, my holdings will appreciate in value. I joined one or two giveaways and I won. These winnings also helped me to promote KLV more through my own giveaways. 

The community showed me love and this caught my attention.

Maluh: We know that nowadays we have so many companies and projects happening with crypto and blockchain technology around the world. In your words, why should someone choose Klever?  

P.A.: Good question!

Klever is not the first crypto project I met in crypto, but why have I painted myself, Klever? 

Because crypto projects are nothing without good products, committed team members, and loyal community members.

I am less than a year into this project, but I have seen massive improvement day by day. Dio will say “we do not care about the price, let’s keep building” and truly they are building. A project with everything you need in crypto. 

Very soon Kleverchain will be the benchmark for all blockchains.

Maluh: Let’s talk a little bit about your project in Ghana. How did that come about? Tell us the full story of how it started.  

P.A.: It has been my dream to put smiles on the faces of needy ones. 

I think a lot of people have the same dream but the question is: how? 

For me, I was lucky enough to be in the Klever community. Community members with a heart of gold. 

Klever has given me a Godfather and brothers too. I am very close to some of the older members of the community. 

I shared my dream with them and they promised to help. I am who I am today in Klever because of them and some other people in the Klever community and team.

I discussed it with the Klever team and KleverGhana team also. 

Prince Adjei’s project in Ghana with Klever’s support

All the donations were received in KLV (Klever token) and all donors from the Klever community and team. 

The name of the orphanage home we visited is Cherubs Foundation International in Ghana. 

After our first donation, Klever CEO Dio, applauded the KleverGhana team led by me for doing such an amazing job and donated more KLV to support us.

Also, donations were received from the Klever community, JTS global, and Tronmeebits project, all with the help of Klever technology – to be precise the Klever Wallet

These funds received were donated to Kumasi Children’s home, widows in Mt. Sinai Presby Church in Ghana, widows in Ofoase Kokoben community, Klever shirts and exercise books to students, and bags of rice to organize a party for street children in Ahenema Kokoben all in Ghana. 

The project helps widows, children, and other vulnerable people in Ghana 

Personally, Klever has boosted my finances and also helped me achieve my dream. 

Currently, we have donated to the “Help Me Change” program on Oyerapa TV in Ghana to support their course as well. Through Klever, my dream of putting smiles on people’s faces has come through. 

People from all over the world are supported by donating KLV without any barrier, with little fees, fast and convenient using Klever Wallet. 

I say thank you to the brains behind Klever Dio, Bruno, Misha, Mathjis, and the Klever community.

Maluh: How does that project work today? How many people have you assisted and how do you manage funds, etc? 

P.A.: This project was brought to promote Klever through donations. 

As for the number of people I have assisted, I can’t count. I have done a lot of donations off camera. I do a lot at least once a week. I have visited two orphanage houses, widows, street children, and others. 

Currently, we’re working on some donations and projects. All funds are from the Klever community and Tron community. Some are meant for donations and some are gifts to me but I add all to put smiles on others’ faces. 

Women assisted by the initiative 

None of these beneficiaries are from my family. I think now I have started helping people around me and my family too after my current projects. They also deserve my support. 

Maluh: What do you hope for the future of the project? 

P.A.: I only hope for the best. 

I have never gotten such support from people as to how the Klever team and community are supporting me. 

In some years to come Klever will be a tech hub for all crypto projects.

One thing I want Klever to do is to add P2P trading. This will really help the African region to use mobile money services to buy and sell cryptos.

Maluh: You know I’m from Brazil, and here we also have a lot of difficulties and social disparities. One thing I always ask myself is how to “sell” the idea of crypto to countries that still struggle with basic finance survival. How do you talk about crypto in your country, with your friends and family? 

P.A.: Right now, a lot of people want to be like me not because of anything but being able to put smiles on people’s faces. 

My family and friends know my salary (less than $80 a month) but I do wonders when it comes to donations. 

When asked how Crypto is the answer given to them. So I use this to talk to them about crypto, and how Klever has helped me achieve my dream. 

Children getting the support and information about crypto and Klever

There is a saying that “seeing is believing”. 

I have not built a house or bought a car through crypto but it has improved my finances which is evidence that crypto is a venture everyone has to invest in.

Maluh: We also know that cryptos are very popular in richer countries such as in Europe and North America. What do you think is the difference between crypto adoption in Africa for what you see every day and what do you think people from other countries should know about the African necessities towards finances?  

P.A.: The youth of Africa sees crypto as a way they can earn a living. 

In Europe, you could see a lot of people being happy about the privacy crypto gives, how the blockchain technology is helping their education sector and others. 

I barely see these things here, most of us are happy about the financial freedom crypto is giving us. 

Africans need more knowledge. 

An average African would like to invest, but where to invest is the problem. And this is due to more scams in our financial sectors.

Children assisted by the project fueled with KLV donations 

Maluh:  Last, but not least, what do you hope for Klever and crypto in the next few years? 

P.A.: Crypto is the future of African youth. 

There are no jobs for the youth so I am hoping Klever and crypto help create jobs in Africa, hence giving us financial freedom. All we need now is mass adoption.

To help and to learn more about Prince Adjei’s project, you can contact him via Twitter, clicking here

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