Klever is 1 year old: and you are part of it!

With many milestones accomplished and more to come, our company has the pleasure to share its past, present and future with the community

Every company has its history.

It’s what makes us grounded in the present, aware of what has been done in the past and focused on what we have to do in the future.

With Klever it’s no different. We always go back to the beginning when we need to remind ourselves of how much we have accomplished in so little time, and how much is yet to come.

And since we believe that sharing special moments (like a milestone of a 1 year anniversary) with our global Klever community is what makes our project special, we invite you to embark on this quick journey with us:

Let’s see what we have accomplished and what we’ll be determined to do together for the next steps. Shall we?

The “birth”

After the launch of TronWallet in 2018, it became more popular with the community, reaching over 625,000 users worldwide.

We realised how important it was to continue solving the two major problems in crypto: namely the security problem and user experience.

A new brand was necessary, one that represented our dreams holistically and promoted the adoption of decentralized finance by supporting economic opportunities for everyone.

August, 2020 arrived and we launched the Klever brand and wallet app. The app was a simple, versatile and secure self-custody crypto wallet ecosystem, supporting the world’s major blockchains.

Klever app offered access to 10,000+ tokens, hundreds of swap pairs, and direct access to ETH and TRX-based DApps in a built-in Klever Browser.

It was the ultimate decentralized p2p and self-custody wallet, keeping the private keys safely in the hands of our users.

With a small team of less than 45, we designed an innovative Roadmap that supported our vision and that of the growing community that supported us along the way.

Our goal was to scale our products, especially to meet the growing demands of new crypto users entering the blockchain space, which meant having an ambitious plan.

A Year in Review

Since launching Klever, we have completed 29 core milestone roadmap projects, which has increased our user base exponentially, to over 3 million users, based in over 200 countries.

As a result, when Klever was released to the public, we also launched the KLV token, the fuel of the Klever ecosystem. 

This is Klever’s only and main utility token, used to pay fees across all services within the Klever ecosystem as well as many other use cases, including burn-mining of new project tokens and utility through our partners, such as Travala.com, offering payment with KLV for over 3 million hotels and flights worldwide.

More than 51% of all KLV is today staked by the community, which is an amazing testimony of trust from the community that we value highly.

In keeping with the roadmap, we always felt the need to provide decentralized p2p offerings within the Klever ecosystem to provide our users with support in all their crypto experiences.

“As we commemorate the one year anniversary of the Klever Wallet launch, it is exciting to see some of our accomplishments in the past year”

  • We improved the native p2p wallet swap engine, optimized speed, security and lowered the price for users by tapping into more liquidity pools.

  • The Klever Wallet v4 development made it possible to plug-in new chains such as Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Kusama, Polkadot, Reef Finance, etc.

  • Klever Exchange (beta), successfully launched on Android and IOS, with the web release, around the corner.

  • Klever Hardware Wallet prototype is currently in development, and being slowly but surely introduced to our community.

  • Klever Kustody now offers secure custody on Klever Exchange and the ability to have several users sharing the same wallet, with transactions that can be signed by multiple users simultaneously.

  • Klever ID makes it magnitudes simpler to send funds to your colleagues, friends, family and business associates, while enabling the simplest and fastest KYC process for users on Klever Exchange.

  • Klever Workspace Finance offers the implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system built on top of the Klever SDK, which is fully integrated with state of the art blockchain technology.

  • KLV is now accepted at over 3 million hotels, flights and travel products through our partner travala.com.

Our Klever Partnerships keep on expanding!

We are always interested in working with blockchain and crypto projects that are legitimate and innovative.

In addition to the Klever Wallet, adding new communities in the Klever ecosystem is the natural way to promote and grow the crypto and blockchain ecosystem as a whole.

Klever recently partnered with prominent DeFI project Reef Finance and the exciting canary network of Polkadot (DOT), namely Kusama (KSM)network, becoming a validator on both chains and enabling their decentralized features in the Klever wallet app such as swap, bonding (staking), nomination (voting) and more.

We were excited to announce these new partnerships to provide more features and opportunities to our global user base, and we will continue to announce many more exciting partnerships as the year progresses.

Our ecosystem will be a platform for the best blockchain and crypto projects to thrive, while users are empowered by our self-custody wallet solution and ironclad security architecture.

An exciting year filled with milestones and a glimpse into the future:

This Exchange is Klever!

Within a year, Klever released the Klever Exchange beta for Android and iOS, with a web version to be released in September 2021.

Klever Exchange was created with the idea of providing a simple, intuitive, safe and powerful trading experience that is unmatched in speed and security for everyone.

We created Klever Exchange for new users to cryptocurrency by providing an easy user interface, while offering reliable and useful features for experienced traders through market-leading speed, ironclad security, and market maker opportunities.

Klever Exchange is built on top of an innovative Microservices Architecture where each component of the exchange infrastructure has its own autonomous responsibilities and functions independent from other components.

Using this architecture, each microservice is authenticated independently in our infrastructure and is identified through their own roles, functions and responsibilities.

The primary reasons for using this approach when constructing the Klever Exchange software architecture is to keep each layer of our exchange incorruptible, autonomous, scalable and immensely more secure.

Klever is Hard Wallet at work

Writing code and developing software is one thing, but developing a Klever Hardware Wallet through one factory assembly line is quite another.

In other words, we will design the machine that will manufacture the hardware in-house, from concept to delivery. In terms of technology, the project is so exciting.

A hardware wallet is a special type of crypto wallet which stores the user’s private keys in a secure hardware device, without being connected to the internet.

The connection between the Klever Hardware Wallet and the Klever app is done via a USB port or Bluetooth connection — the choice is up to the user.

Both interfaces support Custom HID profile, which provides the flexibility of a standard driver in all operating systems, eliminating the need to develop a specific driver for each operating system.

Custom HID profile offers the possibility to use the interface with any custom device with only the limitation of 64 bytes per transfer for full-speed devices, making the Klever Hardware Wallet very versatile and able to be used by all.

Klever Hardware Wallet applications are not meant to run standalone, but rather assist a host process (on a computer or smartphone) to perform a secure task, such as signing a message, transaction, encryption, decryption, etc.

Therefore, the device is commonly addressed using a command / response scheme, where the application sends an output report and the device responds with an input report.

To ensure greater security of data transferred through the HID profile, two security protocols will be used: the RSA asymmetric key protocol and the AES symmetric key protocol.

The following steps show how to assemble the data packets to perform the key exchange.

  • Generate 16 random bytes as your AES_KEY.

  • Add the AES_KEY in the protobuf payload field and encode the protobuf into Raw_protobuf.

  • Add the size of Raw_protobuf (2-bytes wide) at the beginning of the array to generate the Raw_data.

  • Encrypt Raw_data with RSA PKCS1_v1_5 to generate the Full_payload to be sent to the hardware wallet.

  • Break the Full_payload in small frames of up to 62 bytes (HID protocol limitation) and send them through the HID protocol.

The Future Wallet for Klever People

Klever 5, the next major wallet version on its way to launch, will substantially improve user experience due to an optimized events-driven software architecture, which will result in a more robust, scalable, and stable product.

In the Klever 5 version, all of the existing features from Klever Wallet is available, as well as many new features, such as:

  • NFT support

  • Buy crypto with new partners, like a marketplace 
    (Simplex, Mercuryo, Banxa, Transak, etc.)

  • Integration with the hardware wallet

  • Completely new design for UI/UX

The Squad of Squads

Our 45-member team was able to accomplish so much, but with an evolving roadmap like ours that showcased a number of top-notch blockchain products, there was only so much that we could do.

We had to grow our teams and squads to make sure we never miss a goal, and we never have!

We are now over 120 people globally, with a range of squads dedicated to specific products, tech specialists, experts blockchain engineers, security architecture masters, computer programming gurus and marketing mavericks.

For example, the Klever Exchange squad has cross specialists in fields such as #devsecops, #QA (Quality Assurance) and #UI (User Interface), in addition to frontend, backend and fullstack software engineers, as well as product managers.

This exchange squad is fully focused on aggregating value to the Klever Exchange business and have the full power and resources at their disposal to achieve their goals.

We also have tech specialized squads like #devsecops, that is fully focused on developing the infrastructure tech and expanding the software architecture used by the whole company, across all Klever apps and products.

We call this model “squads of squads” and it’s Klever’s own model of the well known “Autonomous Squads”, originally developed by Spotify.

All squads, from #HR to #devsevops are lead by managers using agile methodology with bi-weekly sprints. The whole company works like a clock taking advantage off the agile methodology to keep the products on track with the community needs and market changes.

“We value our community and employees. Klever is more than just a business; it is a lifestyle and a commitment to financial freedom that every community member and employee supports and engages with.” 

Bruno Campos — CTO & Co-Founder of klever.io

We are working hard to evolve our products, including our wallets, exchanges, hardware wallets, and cloud workspace. We are just at the beginning of our roadmap, so stay tuned for more!

For 2022 we have planned:

  • Klever Bank.

  • Klever Subscription.

  • Klever Browser.

  • Klever Pay.

For 2023 we have planned:

  • Klever Hedge Fund

For 2024 we have planned:

  • Klever Privacy Phone

Klever is the future.


Klever Team. 

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