“Klever is real, and it is spectacular,” by Guest Author Curtis Kitchen

Our guest author @curtiskitchen takes you on a ride: “Klever is on the right path with its commitment to a product that solves security and usability, and as long as the company stays in that spot…”

Much has been made of Bitcoin’s recent ascent into all-time-high territory.

It truly is an exciting time for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology as the public once again turns its curious eyes toward the economic switch that, once thrown on for good, will permanently alter global wealth distribution.

Underneath the Bitcoin euphoria, however, is a jealous altcoin community’s growing impatience. Some altcoin hodlers have Bitcoin, sure, but many others do not, having made investment decisions in projects and coins that dangle the potential of incredible, immediate wealth.

They believe, and history supports, once Bitcoin investors realize significant gains, they will shift assets into altcoins.* The thought is exciting, considering how much capital is entering into Bitcoin lately.

*If and when that happens, it is here where a loud reminder about scams would be useful seeing as how crypto’s relationship crisis with regulation keeps open a wide, inviting door for scammers. Whether crypto enthusiasts are ready to trade some of that “freedom” for increased policy and subsequent institutional adoption is a whole other conversation.

So, let’s go down the altcoin road a bit. As investors discover how vast the altcoin universe is, and scams inevitably surface as they always do, it will be important to point out the lesser violent investment fads that, in some cases, inflict as much or more pain on to investors. 

After all, who would have ever thought shrimp farming could be so dangerous…

The point isn’t to pick on crypto-claiming crustaceans by themselves because let’s be real, those who thought they were going to get rich off cartoon shrimp? It’s too bad what happened to many of them but look, if you need to hear this: When something looks too easy or good in this space, that’s because it is. 

An aside: That’s why I’m grateful for voices like Misha Lederman and others who have emerged in the past few years and proven themselves as effective leaders in preaching core values, project research, due diligence and investment prudence in the crypto space. Listen to or follow them for even a short amount of time, and they work magic like turning a crypto project’s instruction manual-like roadmap into reading from the Kamasutra.

Boring matters. Patience matters. Clear, open, two-way communication between builder and user matters. Meeting deadlines matters. A real product matters. And, when all of those things come together in one project, as Teri Hatcher once told Jerry Seinfeld on his namesake show, “They’re real, and they’re spectacular.”

Klever is real, and it is spectacular.

Since it rebranded from TronWallet earlier in 2020, Klever has unabashedly centered on continually improving the crypto user experience. In its FAQ’s section on its website, the company says it is “… designed to solve two big issues in crypto today. The crypto security problem and the user experience problem.”

On the user experience front, the drumbeat message has been one of a simple, central commitment to dependable functionality and usefulness in the crypto space. (Even that sounds so much more friendly (and excitingly boring) than shrimp farming or blindly trusting a fast-Tweeting Russian dude who has an addiction to selfies and weird furs.)

What’s more, the company has told me it believes that its top accomplishments so far include: 

  • Heightened Security through the Klever Operating System 

  • The expanded and optimized internal swap engine that now includes over 200 trading pairs across more than nine blockchains. All in house, no outsourcing of any process. 

  • The Klever browser revamped and improved drastically in speed and execution. 

  • Klever staking inside the app, offering hourly rewards at ease to anyone globally without KYC.

  • More than 50 new features and improvements, including: new User interface, user experience, Klever News, token info, transaction tracking list, fiat on ramp, referral program, displaying of 167 different fiat currencies for users’ values and amounts, and more.

And, by the time you read this, there likely has been another announced enhancement or feature(s) update to the Wallet. The company has rolled them out regularly for the past several months.

Having followed the crypto space for several years now, I can say that kind of tangible product and momentum isn’t common as so many projects fail soon after launch, if they ever materialize past a whitepaper or cheap website.

Klever is on the right path with its commitment to a product that solves security and usability, and as long as the company stays in that spot … 

Indranika, baby. In-dra-nika.

Curtis Kitchen (@curtiskitchen)

Curtis is a Certified Association Executive (CAE) from Kansas City, US, and a long-time and valued community member of Klever.io.

If you want to be published in Klever News just like Curtis, please send us a DM on twitter with your article or idea: @klever_io

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