Klever Joins Partnership With Jumio, Market Leading Identity Verification Solution

Klever is proud to announce our partnership with identity verification giant Jumio to provide a quick and easy registration for all Klever Exchange users worldwide, using AI and biometric solutions.

Klever is thrilled to reveal our new partnership with market leading Jumio to provide a global AI-driven and biometric identity verification solution for Klever Exchange.

Klever Exchange has integrated Jumio’s seamless identity solution, making the KYC registration of new users simple, fast, secure and complete in mere minutes.

Jumio.com is the leading global provider of AI-powered online identity verification.

Together with Jumio, Klever has created an automated, simple and quick process to onboard new customers globally using a fast registration for Klever Exchange users.

Through the partnership with Jumio, Klever is able to provide a simple and powerful KYC (Know Your Customer) process and AML (Anti Money Laundering) protection in order to remain compliant and function within existing regulatory frameworks.

“Our partnership with Jumio is a major strategic move for Klever. We are proud to work with the most accurate and comprehensive identity verification solution company on the market to make the Klever Exchange user registration experience as accessible and seamless as technically possible.“ Bruno Campos, CTO of Klever

Jumio supports more than 3,500 different ID types from over 200 countries and regions to ensure global coverage for Klever Exchange, setting it apart from the competition by offering more countries and ID types than its competitors. Jumio uses a biometric-based and AI-driven approach that has made the company the market leader in its field and the right choice for Klever as our identity verification partner.

Klever Exchange was born to become a home to users who are completely new to crypto trading by providing a simple user experience, while enabling powerful features to experienced traders through market-leading speed, iron-clad security, and low fees.

The idea behind Klever Exchange is fully based on providing a simple, intuitive and powerful user experience where anyone can trade, with unmatched speed and advanced security architecture. 

Klever Exchange is using an innovative proprietary security software architecture we have been perfecting for years through our work in the crypto wallet field, making the exchange wallet system extremely secure, based on state of the art encryption techniques.

We are focused on providing the simplest, fastest and most secure exchange platform built on the top of the Klever OS SDK (Software Development Kit) through our Software Secure Module. This in-house built technology functions as an “HSM” but through innovation we have made it software-based. HSM is a Hardware Secure Modules used by most banks and financial services along the world, but we have decades of experience in both banking and blockchain technology, and have been able to merge the two approaches through novel thinking and engineering to make it software-based instead.

With the launch of Klever Exchange, the Klever ecosystem will give our users the option of holding their crypto in self-custody through the Klever app, as well as in the custody of Klever Exchange in order to trade at the fastest crypto exchange on the market, supporting over 3M transactions per second.

Custody with a trusted exchange as well as self-custody are highly requested by our users, now consisting of more than 3 million users worldwide, and very useful for the global crypto community.

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