Klever Moves Community Channels To Discord – Join Today!

The entire Klever team is excited & looking forward to growing relationships with our community members through transparency & using channels that assist us to do so, while combating industry scams.

The move to Discord for all Klever community channels is an evolution of our services aimed at providing a simpler, feature-packed, safe and secure environment for Klever and its community to grow globally.

Discord is a versatile community and communication platform for different objectives, but many of its features coincide with Telegram’s but Discord is far more secure and better at preventing scams, and overall has an edge over Telegram:

  • Discord comes with a user-friendly, highly functional interface.

  • Discord does not require software installation, allowing users to invite others via a web link.

  • Discord lets its users thread channels and create bots.

  • Discord uses a proactive spam filter to protect the experience of users and the health of the platform.

  • Servers dedicated to mass copy-paste messaging, or encouraging DM advertising, are considered dedicated spam servers.

  • While Users find new communities and friends on Discord, the platform will enforce rate limits against spammers who might take advantage of this through bulk joins or bulk requests. Joining a lot of servers simultaneously, or sending a large number of friend requests might be considered spam. In order to shut down spambots, Discord takes action against accounts that join servers too frequently, or send out too many friend requests at one time.

  • It allows an unlimited number of users.

  • The platform features low-latency VoIP support.

  • There are no significant differences between the free and the paid accounts.

  • The platform allows the setting and targeting of roles, featuring many controls to this end.

Beware of phishing scams

This type of scam occurs when you receive an unsolicited email or text that asks you to click a link or sign-in to your account. This could be a scammer impersonating a Klever support agent. 

The links will lead to a website that looks almost identical to the wallet. 

These links are malicious and will request that you enter your 12 word seed phrase. Any information that you input will be recorded, sent to scammers, and be used against you to gain access to your accounts and steal your crypto.  

It is important to be very careful and practice good habits to avoid falling victim to these scams. Never share your 12 word seed word with anyone. Never, including anyone claiming to be a team member of Klever. We will never ask for those details.

Example of user falling for scam:
“I lost my bitcoin last night when someone on blockchain support asked me to tell them my 12 word backup in order to reverse my bitcoin transaction that was unconfirmed at that time. Finally, my balance remained zero. Can someone explain to me what happened? Is there any chance for me to recover my funds?“

Telegram is not a fully open-source solution and to access it, users need to provide their phone numbers. This can potentially compromise their personal information, while Telegram is also a platform where it is easy to impersonate others (Founders, Team members, Admins etc), which leads to the countless phishing attacks on users in the Telegram channels.

The decision to migrate all Klever community channels to our Discord, is a move that will provide the platform we hope to grow with and utilize in order to create a healthy and growing community that will be an essential part of the Klever ecosystem.

Here are the top reasons why we have chosen Discord as our primary source of engagement with our community:

  1. Spam Control: We have found Discord to have better options for controlling spammers, as well as unwanted information and harmful links. We want our community members to enjoy their interaction with our platforms and not be inundated with links and referrals from bots or other groups. Posts are easily scanned and removed by moderation teams or unique Discord Bots.

  2. User Interface: We believe the UI for Discord is one of the best around right now. While Telegram is suited for the masses, Discord fits a more community-driven approach — with real-time talk and text.

  3. Team Management: From a project’s point of view, it is important to have behind the scenes interaction with your team members. Discord is effective in its ability to allow the Klever team to communicate, via group video and audio calls. We believe it helps ensure every person on the team is productive and not feeling alone in their efforts, which in turn is beneficial for the company, the project and the wider Klever community at large.

The entire Klever team is excited and looking forward to continue to nourish the strong relationships we have with our community members worldwide by always being transparent, cooperative and using means that assist us in doing so.

We want your experience with everything Klever to be positive, and set a new standard in community growth and engagement within the crypto space!


You can create your account on https://discord.gg/klever-io, or in the Discord app. 

Step 1

Enter your username and click Continue

Step 2

Enter your Date of Birth and click Done


You’ll be able to enjoy all of the chat functions Discord has to offer, but it’s important to claim your account by verifying your email address. This will ensure that you keep your username and Discriminator (those four digits next to your user name), as well as remembering all the servers you’ve joined!

Step 3

Enter your Email and Password. Click Next

Step 4

Search for your confirmation email in your inbox

Note: Some servers are locked behind a security verification wall that requires a verified account before you can access chat functions. Read more about server verification levels here.


Additionally, you can also verify your phone number to your Discord account for added security and wider range of features! 

To start the phone verification process, head into the My Account tab in your User Settings. Then press the Add button right beside the Phone Number section!

Once pressed, you’ll be able to directly enter your phone and then press “Send” once you’ve typed in your number. (Note: Make sure to select the correct country code)

You’ll then receive a text message to your mobile device which will have a 6 digit code. When you receive the code, type those 6 digits into the menu.

Last but not least, to confirm your changes, you’ll need to type the password to your account, and then press the Confirm button.

And then your phone number will be officially verified to your Discord account! 

We hope this guide to Discord assists you in starting your journey in the newly built Klever community channels on the platform, see you there!


Klever team

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