Klever News: Google searches for Bitcoin reaches highest point of 2020, while BTC edges closer to All-Time High

This increase in “Bitcoin” searches worldwide is a strong indicator of a surging interest among retail investors into the world’s largest and most dominant cryptocurrency. 

Searches for Bitcoin on Google have reached its highest point this week in comparison to all other periods over the past 12 months, according to data from Google Trends. This increase in “Bitcoin” searches is a strong indicator of a surging interest among retail investors into the world’s largest and most dominant cryptocurrency. 

As Bitcoin (BTC) hit its yearly high above $19,484 today, November 25, edging ever closer to surpassing its All-Time High and breaking above $20,000, the interest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is growing on all fronts, regions and among all stakeholders.

This increasing interest is becoming apparent among institutional investors, billionaires who are publicly disclosing their BTC investments, asset manager funds with trillions of dollars in assets under management, and of course retail investors. 

It is the latter of these, namely retail investors, who are clearly showing a growing interest and demand for Bitcoin through an uptick in Google searches. It is important to note that during the last bull run recorded in 2017-18, it was primarily retail investors who were driving up the price of Bitcoin and altcoins. 

A more mature crypto market

Today’s situation for the crypto market is radically different compared with the last bull run, with today’s market being driven by growing demand for Bitcoin and digital assets among institutional investors, while the industry is more mature and backed by stronger fundamentals as a whole.

That said, today’s Google Trends indicator for Bitcoin searches still demonstrates that we have a long way to go in order to reach the volume of searches for Bitcoin recorded during the peak of the bull run in 2017-18. And this is a good thing for Bitcoin and crypto, since it means that although the interest among retail investors is growing to reach yearly highs, we still have a lot more room for new investors to enter the space. 

Incoming influx of new wave of retail investors

With this influx of new retail investors, many of whom are opening their eyes to cryptocurrencies partly as a result of relentless money printing by central banks and growing inflation rates among the world’s fiat currencies, it is imperative that we embrace this new group of investors through simple education.

By raising awareness of Bitcoin, crypto and decentralized blockchain applications like Klever in an easy-to-understand and relatable approach, the hundreds of millions of newly arrived investors into Bitcoin and crypto will propel the industry to new highs, ushering in an era of mass adoption for blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Misha Lederman

Director of Communications and Marketing at Klever.io

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