Klever Officially Becomes Tron SR – Pays Out 100% Rewards in KLV

Klever.io is now a Top 27 Super Representative on Tron blockchain, and has commenced paying out 100% rewards in KLV to Klever SR voters. Check out the guide below on how to vote for Klever as SR.

Klever.io has officially become a Top 27 Super Representative on Tron blockchain and will now commence paying out 100% rewards in KLV to voters, after receiving over 200 million TRX in votes on April 14.

Klever has implemented an autonomous system that uses Klever Swap to convert 100% of the TRX rewards received into KLV, and then paying Klever.io SR voters in KLV.

The Klever Team has years of experience running validator nodes on Tron and other blockchain networks. Today, we operate and maintain over 50 nodes on dozens of different blockchains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, Litecoin and more in order to accomodate the needs of Klever app’s 150k daily active users.

How To Vote For Klever.io SR

In order to vote for Klever.io as Tron SR, you as a user need to freeze TRX and then vote inside the Klever app or on Tronscan. These are the simple steps on how to do it:

How to freeze TRX to get votes:

1. Click on “Freeze” button in your TRX account

2. Enter TRX amount you want to Freeze for Bandwidth or Energy

3. Confirm TRX Freezing

How to vote for Klever.io SR:

1. Click on “Vote” button

2. Choose klever.io SR

3. Enter the amount of Votes

4. Click on “Confirm Votes” button

5. Submit Transaction

6. Done!


Klever Team

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