Klever Sets Full Sail Ahead, by Curtis Kitchen

The Klever team, if you’ve paid attention from the beginning, has always promised to get the underlying technology right first & then scale. This approach has led to a high level of trust among users.

They say timing is everything. And it might just be true.

Recently, Binance.US – the United States’ arm of the world’s largest crypto exchange Binance – received its latest round of bad news when it was announced that CEO Brian Brooks was resigning after just four months.

Citing “differences over strategic direction,” Brooks’ hasty departure leaves the latest hole in the once-thought unsinkable Binance ship that lately can’t seem to chart a certain course in the compliance seas.

How that situation unfolds in the U.S. remains to be seen. However, fact is it comes just weeks after Binance CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zhao said he was willing to step down (with a succession plan in place) in support of the Exchange’s efforts to become regulated.

This episode brings to mind an old saying about if it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck, it must be … an opportunity for others that have played correctly within the rules.

Pretty sure that’s how it goes, anyways.

In that light, it certainly feels as if there is a massive opportunity suddenly open for other trusted, secure, scalable, and compliant exchanges to take advantage of the suddenly widening door.

And what if one of those exchanges also featured transactions at unmatched speeds? And made it a point to secure users’ assets through the provably most secure encryption methods?

Wouldn’t that be something? Wouldn’t that be … Klever?

History tells us that there have been thousands of products that were perfect in every way except for their timing. How often have we heard, “ahead of its time,” or, “the public wasn’t ready,” or, “if the company could have just held on a bit longer, it would have dominated.”

The answer is a lot. We’ve heard it a lot. The takeaway, to borrow the famous cliché, is that timing is everything.

The time is now for Klever.

Since rolling out Klever Exchange, feedback from over 10,000 beta tester has largely centered on two points:

  1. Everything about the system itself is as promised – the speed and security are superior.

  2. Users wish the Klever Exchange had more tokens, which is scalability, right?

That’s controllable, and the Klever team, if you’ve paid attention from the beginning, has always promised to get the underlying technology right first and then scale. Not the other way around.

This approach has led to a high level of trust among users and belief in the products Klever continues to develop.

It is exciting to think what those principles will look like manifested in other projects in the next couple of months – including the Klever Exchange Desktop set to be released this quarter, Klever Hardware Wallet (pre-sale in Q4), and yes, the Klever Blockchain in the end 2021.

These cornerstones of the Klever ecosystem are being built at this very moment, which other companies and developers will want – and need – to trust as they bring their own works into the Klever offering.

So, as others find the crypto seas choppy and unfriendly at this point in time, Klever seems to be positioned, through well-thought planning and strategy, for clear skies and full sail ahead.

Written by,

Curtis Kitchen (@curtiskitchen)

Curtis Kitchen entered the crypto space as a blockchain and crypto enthusiast in 2017. In addition to those things, he currently serves on the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) AI Ethics Task Force – a group dedicated to guiding associations on ethical standards and practices for implementing AI. He is an avid Klever project supporter and holds KLV in his portfolio.

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