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100% Private Swap

The cryptocurrency Swap is a major function of Klever and its blockchain ecosystem. Klever's Swap allows users to seamlessly exchange coins or tokens from one blockchain to another (e.g. BTC to TRX or ETH) with 100% privacy and unrivaled speed.

Swap Engine Monitoring

We created the Swap in order to make trading crypto easier, faster, and more convenient for our users. Through continuous monitoring of live prices on top-tier exchanges, our engine creates a price index used by the Swap.


Seamless & User-friendly

When a user visits the Swap screen on the Klever Wallet, they will see the default Swap pair from BTC (BTC) to USDT (USDT). Once a quote is made, the user can check the price prediction offer, select a new token pair for the quote, and type in the amount they wish to swap.

Best Price & Speed

Automated bots, built in-house, conduct the swap itself by searching the top exchanges continuously for the best exchange rate and prices. The swap is then executed with high precision, security, and speed.

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