KLEVER TUTORIAL: How To Freeze TRX For Energy & Bandwidth To Lower Fees

After the implementation of Proposal 51, raising the fees on TRON by 3,5 times, users will need to freeze TRX to get Energy & Bandwidth to enjoy lower fees. Here are the steps to freeze TRX in Klever.

The successful voting for Proposal 51 implements 3,5 times higher TRX network fees for Bandwidth and Energy on the TRON blockchain, a move that is aimed at making TRX a deflationary asset by burning more TRX than is created.

Now that these new increased TRX network fees are live on the TRON network, it is important that users who want to enjoy lower network fees when conducting transactions and interacting with smart contracts, such as KLV Staking in Klever App, freeze TRX in order to gain more Energy or Bandwidth in their accounts.

Today we will show the simple steps how to freeze TRX in Klever App in order to gain Energy to lower network fees for smart contract interactions or obtain more Bandwidth to get lower network fees for transactions.

What Is Energy & Bandwidth?

To explain Bandwidth and Energy in simple words, TRON Bandwidth allows users to perform transactions on the blockchain without paying extra network fees, while Energy is a special resource used to process smart contracts on the TRON network.

What is important from a user perspective, particularly if you are interacting with smart contracts on TRON, is to freeze more TRX for Energy in order to continue to use those smart contracts with no or very small network fees.

In addition to smart contracts, Energy also serves to carry out any transaction that involves TRC20 tokens.

You can easily freeze TRX in your Klever app by clicking the “Freeze” button located in your TRX account screen, as shown in the simple steps below.

Simple Steps to Freeze TRX for Energy

These are the simple steps you need to follow to Freeze TRX to obtain Energy in order to have lower fees when interacting with KLV Staking and other smart contracts:

  1. Go to your TRX account Screen in Klever.

  2. Press Freeze

  3. Press Energy

  4. Freeze TRX to obtain Energy to enjoy lower fees in Klever Staking and other smart contracts running on TRON blockchain.

Moreover, once a user freezes their TRX to gain Energy and thereby enables cheaper transactions when interacting with dapps, the user can also earn more TRX. This can be done since once a user freezes TRX, he/she gains Tron Power allowing them to vote in the SR election.

So freezing TRX for Energy to pay less in transaction fees can therefore enable you to earn by voting for our SR, namely TronWalletMe, with your Tron Power.

Klever Tip: TRX Staking in Klever also works as a shortcut to Freeze with Energy Option + Vote on TronWalletMe SR. This means that Staking TRX in Klever is also used to receive Energy and works in a more simple and direct way to obtain Energy.

Simple Steps to Freeze TRX for Bandwidth

These are the simple steps you need to follow to Freeze TRX to obtain Bandwidth in order to have lower network fees when conducting transactions on TRON blockchain:

  1. Go to your TRX account Screen in Klever.

  2. Press Freeze

  3. Choose Bandwidth

  4. Freeze TRX to obtain Bandwidth to enjoy lower fees for transactions.

The increased network fees comes after Proposal 51 went into effect on February 11, and the goals of this proposal are simple and could be very impactful for TRON network, making TRX a deflationary asset:

Increase the current near-minimal network fees for Bandwidth and Energy by 3,5 times in order to encourage higher freezing rate of TRX, diminish low-value transactions (spam txs), increase security, reduce TRX in circulation, and promote the increase of TRX’s value by eventually making TRX a deflationary asset.

You can read more about Proposal 51 in our February 10 article below:

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Misha Lederman

Director of Communications at Klever.io

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