Klever Update 4.1 is LIVE! Buy crypto in-app with credit card AND Ethereum Dapp Browser Support

Klever’s new update is the largest upgrade of 2020, with Simplex integration as new fiat on-ramp in Klever, ETH dapp browser integration, BCH blockchain, and a total of 9 new features & 7 improvements

Two of the most requested features from the Klever community over the years have easily been a seamless and quick way to buy crypto right inside the app, as well as secure and fast access to Ethereum-based dapps in Klever Browser. We are thrilled to reveal that both these features are now live in Klever Update 4.1, available for Android and iOS users.

Additionally, the Klever team added support for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain, introduced a brand new chart option for main coins and tokens, added a custom fee for sending crypto, while enabling token ratings for Klever’s users for all coins and tokens.


Buy crypto in Klever with Simplex integration

The completed integration of the partnership between Klever and Simplex means that over 1.8 million Klever users can now buy crypto with low fees and complete anti-fraud protection right inside the Klever App. The two teams have jointly worked on the integration for several months to provide an optimized and simple user experience to purchase crypto with credit and debit cards in Klever using the Simplex site integration. Initially, users will be able to buy BTC, KLV, ETH, TRX and XRP, although additional coins and tokens will be available for purchase soon.  

Klever CEO Dio Ianakiara said about the new fiat-on ramp:
“The partnership with Simplex enabled us to create one of the most secure and enjoyable user experiences to buy crypto with debit and credit cards available on the market today. Together we are making buying crypto extremely simple, something that in the past was really painful, especially for newcomers and beginners. Today we are enabling users on a global scale to join the crypto world and participate in a new open economy powered by peer-to-peer technology and Satoshi Nakamoto’s ideals. We are proud of what we have built together with Simplex, one of the fastest and easiest ways to buy crypto in the world today.”

Ethereum Dapp Browser Support

This feature allows Klever users worldwide to use and access Ethereum Dapps in Klever app’s Browser. This is an essential new feature that widely increases the opportunities within the Klever Browser, improving the usability and facilitating the integration of products and services currently running on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

The Ethereum dapp ecosystem is the most advanced in the blockchain space today, propelled by ETH’s first mover advantage. ETH dapps are heavily focused on decentralized finance (DeFi) last years, with Compound and Uniswap V2 being the most widely used dapps on Ethereum in terms of both users and volume. Together, these two dapps alone had over 50k users over the past 24 hours, with an accumulated volume surpassing 300 million USD.

The Klever team has optimized the browser experience with dapps over the past 4 years, and by introducing a safe, fast and seamless user experience to access ETH-based dapps, Klever invites millions of ETH holders and dapps users worldwide to use Klever over other more outdated alternatives. You can explore more of the ETH dapps here.

BCH Blockchain Support

Support the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain has been introduced in Klever app with Update 4.1, and users can now send, receive, scan and charge BCH.

BCH is both a cryptocurrency and a payment network. It was created as a result of a hard fork from Bitcoin Core in December 2017, aimed to increase the number of transactions that the network could process. 

While Bitcoin (BTC) remains the most widely used cryptocurrency in the world, there are a range of opportunities to spend Bitcoin Cash, since the speed and lower costs of its transactions make BCH attractive to some merchant and retail networks globally.

New Charts in Balance Swiper

Users can now enjoy a brand new chart for the main coins and tokens in the Klever app, namely BTC, ETH, TRX, KLV, BCH, LTC, BNB, DASH, DOGE, DGB and XRP. The user can track the token price history about the last 24hrs, 7 days, 1 month and all-time. The user also can view the 24 volume and market cap informations.

Rating Tokens

Klever users can now rate the main coins, BTC, ETH, TRX, KLV, LTC, DOGE, DASH, DGB, XRP, BCH & BNB, under the categories Usability, White Paper, Technology, Roadmap, Team and Community.

The rating feature is a great way of letting the community decide which tokens they love and keep in high regards, and which they do not. After submitting a vote, the user will be able rate the same token after 10 days.

Add Custom Fee In Send Flow

Update 4.1 also introduces the option for Klever users to independently and freely set the fee that he/she wants to pay for BTC, ETH, DOGE, DGB, DASH and LTC coins. This feature widens the transaction options for the user, who can choose between fast or slow transfers depending on his/her needs at the time.

Add Recents Section On Browser

Klever users can now see, on the browser home page, the last 3 recents sites visited.


Add an option to clear the history list on browser

• The user can now clear the history list on browser, making the browser experience cleaner and more enjoyable.

Add an option to change the font size on Klever News

• The user can set the font size to bigger or smaller on Klever News, our new in-app feature that covers all things crypto and blockchain.


✓ Referral program improvements

✓ Make the favorites list persistent

✓ Replace the rewards address with a recognized label

✓ Improved the amount format on staking flow

✓ Improved the transaction date display

✓ Improved the staking APR information for each account

✓ Hide the browser header when clicking on some link inside the app


✓ Fixed the estimated ratio info on the swap screen

✓ Fixed the pull to refresh function on news screen

About Klever
Klever.io is a crypto wallet ecosystem serving over 1.8 million users worldwide with Klever App, Klever OS, Klever Swap and other emerging products and services. Klever App is a simple, fast, smart and secure crypto wallet, serving as the epicenter of the Klever network. The Klever ecosystem supports the world’s major blockchains such as BTC, ETH, TRX, LTC, BNB, XRP, LTC and more for storing, sending, receiving, charging and swapping cryptocurrencies. Klever is a decentralized p2p and non-custodial wallet, putting the keys in the hands of their users, offering over 200 trading pairs in their in-app tool Klever Swap, as well as access to thousands of Ethereum and Tron-based dapps in the Klever Browser, all seamlessly integrated inside the app. 

Stay tuned over the coming days for some major developments in the Klever ecosystem, as we prepare to release the long-awaited and highly anticipated Klever Blockchain White Paper to the public. We can assure you, that in true Klever style, the Klever Blockchain will be like nothing existing on the market today, and will serve as the underlying technology and foundation for all our current and future platforms.


Klever.io Team

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