Klever Swap pairs for DAI MakerDao

Klever Wallet Adds New MakerDAO (DAI) Swap Pairs

To support our community we have introduced 9 new DAI swap pairs.

To support our community we have introduced 9 new DAI swap pairs. 

Available Swap pairs: 

  • DAI/USDT (TRC20)
  • DAI/USDT (ERC20)
  • DAI/BUSD (BEP20)

What is DAI?

MakerDAO and Maker Protocol manages the issuance and development of this Ethereum-based stablecoin (stable-price cryptocurrency).

Each new DAI is backed by a mix of cryptocurrencies deposited into smart-contract vaults and soft-pegged to the U.S. dollar.

There is a significant difference between Multi-Collateral DAI and Single-Collateral DAI (SAI), an earlier version of the token that only supports a single cryptocurrency. SAI also does not support the DAI Savings Rate, a feature that allows holders of the token to earn savings.

In November 2019, Multi-Collateral DAI was launched.

Who Founded MakerDAO?

DAI’s distinguishing feature is that it was not founded by a single person or a small group of co-founders. MakerDAO and the Maker Protocol instead oversee the development of the software and the issuance of new tokens.

Decentralized autonomous organizations such as MakerDAO operate via self-enforcing smart contracts – agreements executable on the Ethereum blockchain that operate in a decentralized manner.

MakerDAO is run democratically through Maker (MKR) governance tokens, which act like a traditional company’s stock; MKR holders have the ability to vote on key decisions regarding the development of MakerDAO, Maker Protocol, and DAI, with their voting power proportionate to the number of Maker tokens they own.

In 2015, Danish entrepreneur Rune Christensen founded MakerDAO. Christensen studied biochemistry and international business in Copenhagen before beginning his work on the Maker ecosystem. He also founded the international recruiting firm Try China.

Klever Swap

Klever Swap is a core service of the Klever app that makes it simpler, faster, and more convenient for our users to exchange cryptocurrencies at the click of a button. By monitoring live price action on top-tier exchanges, our native Swap engine creates a price index that is used by the Swap.

The swap itself is conducted by fully autonomous bots, built and maintained in-house by Klever’s developers’ team. These bots continuously seek the best exchange rate and prices among the top exchanges, and then execute the Swap with high precision, security and speed. The Klever Swap project is part of Klever Exchange.

By Warren Manuel
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