Klever Wallet adds new Quant (QNT) Swap Pairs

To support our community we have introduced 9 new QNT (ERC20) swap pairs.

Available QNT ERC20 Swap pairs: 

  • QNT/USDT (TRC20)
  • QNT/USDT (ERC20)
  • QNT/BUSD (BEP20)

What is Quant (QNT)?

Founded in June 2018, Quant is a blockchain-based network that aims to connect blockchains and networks across the globe without reducing efficiency and interoperability. The project is the first to create a blockchain operating system that solves the interoperability problem.

In order to connect different blockchain networks, Overledger Network is built as a distributed ledger operating system. In a press release, the project claims to be the first OS built specifically for blockchains.

Using Overledger, Quant aims to ensure that different blockchains are connected. Quant calls its Overledger network the “backbone” of the project, which will serve as the foundation for the future of the digital economy.

With Overledger, developers can build decentralized multi-chain applications (also known as MApps) for their customers. In order to build a Mapp on the Quant network, developers must hold a certain amount of Quant tokens (QNT).

Quant’s Founders: Who Are They?

The idea for the Quant blockchain project originated from Gilbert Verdian, one of the founders of the Quant network. According to Verdian, interoperability ensures that patients registered on different platforms are covered.

Quant’s Unique Selling Point?

Almost every sector has found applications for blockchain and distributed ledger technology since they were introduced. The issue of seamless interoperability has, however, existed between these projects. The purpose of Quant was to serve as the missing link between “different” blockchains.

Klever Swap

Klever Swap is a core service of the Klever app that makes it simpler, faster, and more convenient for our users to exchange cryptocurrencies at the click of a button. By monitoring live price action on top-tier exchanges, our native Swap engine creates a price index that is used by the Swap.

The swap itself is conducted by fully autonomous bots, built and maintained in-house by Klever’s developers’ team. These bots continuously seek the best exchange rate and prices among the top exchanges, and then execute the Swap with high precision, security and speed. The Klever Swap project is part of Klever Exchange.

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